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This website is dedicated to the work of Trigant Burrow and his followers, who were members of The Lifwynn Foundation.


The foundation was established in 1927 by Burrow and was the setting for an on-going experimental community of inquiry into the nature of what Burrow called the "Social Neurosis.  To Burrow, our problems are not individual but collective.   We are an organism that has fallen ill.

Burrow was an early American psychoanalyst who introduced group analysis in the nineteen-twenties  Group analysis was forerunner of group therapy and other group approaches. It was also a scientific investigation of the causes of human conflict and alienation in which the feelings and motivations of the investigators provided the material to be investigated. Burrow and his co-workers recognized that the societal pathology they were examining was embodied in themselves as individuals and as a group. They developed the ability to observe the disorder within their own interrelational processes, and find a healing response within the observation itself. 


In 1926 Burrow founded the Lifwynn Foundation for Laboratory Research in Analytic and Social Psychiatry and published his first major work, The Social Basis of Consciousness. Until his death Burrow acted as the research director for the foundation and devoted particular attention to the physiological substructures of harmonious and rivaling participants within groups and societies, but also between states. His methods for measuring the electrical activity of the brain in connection with specific eye movements has led some to call him the father of neuropsychotherapy and trauma therapy,