Use this cubic feet calculator to calculation the volume of a space or volume of things using width, length and also height measurements. Girlfriend can transform cubic feet to gallons here.

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How to calculation cubic feet

Cubic feet is a unit of volume. To calculate the volume or volume of an object or space in cubic feet you will very first need to measure up its length, width and height in one of two people feet, inches (or a combo that both), centimeters, meters or yards. As soon as you have those measurements, you apply some multiplication together follows...

Calculating cubic feet for various units (formulae)

From feet: length (ft) × width (ft) × elevation (ft) = cubic feetFrom inches: length (in) × broad (in) × height (in) ÷ 1728 = cubic feetFrom yards: length (yd) × width (yd) × elevation (yd) × 27 = cubic feetFrom cm: length (cm) × broad (cm) × elevation (cm) ÷ 28316.85 = cubic feetFrom meters: size (m) × broad (m) × height (m) × 35.314667 = cubic feet

Let's look at every of this in turn.

Calculating cubic feet from dimensions in feet

If you have actually measured the width, length and also height of your item in feet climate the calculation process is right forward: simply multiply the 3 figures together.

As one example, let's to speak you're searching for the capacity of a box that steps 5ft by 3ft by 2ft. Multiplying those 3 numbers together gives you a total cubic feet value of 30ft3.

Should girlfriend have currently calculated your square footage, you merely need to main point this number by the elevation measurement.

If you're feather to measure a refrigerator, take it a look at our article, how many cubic feet is my refrigerator?


Calculating cubic feet indigenous inches

If you have actually measured the dimensions of her item in inch then execute the following:

Multiply your length, width and height numbers together, offering you a total in cubic inch (in3) divide the complete by 1728 (as there space 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot).

As an example, let's say you're trying to find the capacity of a box that actions 55" x 30" x 15". Multiplying those 3 figures together provides you a total cubic inches value of 24750in3. To convert that figure to cubic feet we division it by 1728, offering a total of 14.323ft3.

Calculating cubic feet from centimeters

If you have measured the dimensions of her item in centimeters (cm) then perform the following:

Multiply your length, width and also height figures together, providing you a complete in cubic centimeters (cm3) divide the full by 28,316.85 (as over there are about 28,316.85 cubic centimeter in a cubic foot).

Calculating cubic feet from yards

If you have actually measured the dimensions of her item in yards then perform the following:

Multiply your length, width and height figures together, giving you a total in cubic yards (yd3) multiply the complete by 27 (as there space 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard).

Once you have actually your result figure, check it versus the calculator at the peak of this page. As an alternative, if you've taken her measurements and also want to transform them come cubic yards, give the cubic yards calculator a try.

You deserve to learn much more about exactly how to calculation cubic feet in this article.

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How to transform from cubic inches to cubic feet

One cubic foot equates to 1728 cubic inches. So, to transform from cubic inches come cubic feet you should divide your cubic inches figure by 1728. Have to you no wish to carry out this manually, offer my volume converter a try.