Dried mexican chile peppers include so lot flavor to mexico cooking. And, no all bring heat! native chipotle to ancho, guajillo come cayenne, and so countless more, here’s what you have to know about some that the more commonly uncovered dried Mexicanchiles and how to use them!

How To usage Dried mexico Chile Peppers

Mexican cooking relies heavily on dried chile peppers to include a deep and robust flavor to sauces, soups, salsas, and also more.

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While dried chile peppers might seem a little bit intimidating to use, there’s really a quite simple procedure to acquiring their great flavor.

Remember to always wear gloves when taking care of chile peppers, specifically the hot ones!Remove the stem and seeds native the dried chiles. (The seeds and also inner membrane are the sexty part, therefore this is particularly good to execute if you want to diminish the warm of the chile.)Soak the chile in warm water for at least 30 minutes to re-hydrate the skin.After re-hydrating, the chiles have the right to be easily chopped or pureed to a dough to use in seasoning her dish.

What Is The Scoville range (SHU)?

We rate each chile in this overview with Scoville warm Units (SHU). SHU is a widely offered scale to measure up the warm of peppers.

The range is very straightforward to use: the greater the number, the hot the pepper.

Scoville warmth unit ratings are typically given in a range, since pepper heat deserve to vary from tree to plant and depending how ripe the chile is once it is picked.

Dark Dried Chile Peppers

Dried chile peppers are split into to categories: dark and also red.

Dark chile peppers are nearly black as soon as dried, v a wrinkly appearance. These chiles often tend to have actually a deep, fruity flavor with notes that raisins and prunes.

Their deep flavor provides them a top choice for do flavorful mole sauces.


Ancho Chile Peppers

Ancho Chile Pepper

Ancho chile peppers are the dried kind of poblano peppers. Castle are generally low in heat, v a sweet and smoky, raisin-like flavor.

SHU: 1,000-2,000 (mild)Substitutions because that Ancho Chile Peppers: this are one of the much more common chile peppers, making castle pretty easy to find. However, you deserve to substitute mulato or guajillo chile peppers. Or, use 1 tsp ancho chile powder (or paprika) per chile referred to as for in your recipe.How To use Ancho Chile Peppers: Ancho chile peppers space featured in plenty of moles. Their low heat and good flavor provides them perfect because that marinating meats and using in soups and also stews.

Try these Recipes making use of Ancho Chile Peppers:

Mulato Chile Pepper

Mulato chile peppers are also dried poblano peppers, but mulatos space made indigenous poblanos that room picked when really ripe. That gives mulatos more heat, much more sweetness, and also deeper, chocolate-y notes.

SHU: 2,500-3,000 (mild)Substitutions for Mulato Chile Peppers: Mulato chiles are really popular in Mexico, but they space not also know in other areas. Ancho chile peppers do a good substitute, yet they will certainly be much more mild.How To use Mulato Chile Peppers: this are good chile peppers because that mole sauces because they include rich body and also a dark color.

Pasilla Chile Peppers

Pasilla Chile Peppers

Pasilla chiles (pronounced puh-SEE-yuh) are additionally called chiles negros. These space the dried version of the chilaca chile. Pasilla chile peppers space longer and also thinner 보다 anchos or mulatos. Your flavor is similar to that of an ancho, however hotter, v deep fruit spices of raisins and also prunes.

As a confusing side note, you will often uncover ancho chile peppers or also fresh poblano chiles mislabeled together pasilla chile peppers. You’ll recognize you have a pasilla if the is dried (for starters) and thinner than an ancho.

SHU: 250-4,000 (mild to medium)Substitutions because that Pasilla Chile Peppers: Ancho chiles or mulato do a an excellent substitution because that pasilla.How To usage Pasilla Chile Peppers: Pasilla chile peppers are also good for moles and also other mexican sauces and stews.

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Red Dried Chile Peppers

Red chile peppers in mexican cuisine room dried peppers that retain few of their red shade after drying. These peppers have actually a smoother skin than the dark chile peppers. They add lighter, much more fruity note to the dishes they are provided in.

Cascabel Chile Pepper

The Cascabel chile is also known as the rattle chile. It is tiny and round in shape, and the seeds rattle around inside once it is shaken. This chiles provide a lighter seasonings of apricots and dried apples, and also a slim smokiness.

Cascabels are good substitutes for hotter red chiles if you’re searching for lots that flavor without the heat.

SHU: 1,000-3,000 (mild)Substitutions because that Cascabel Chile Peppers: Guijillo or pequin chile peppers are an excellent substitutes for cascabel chile peppers. You could also use cayenne, but you will require less because cayennes are hotter.How To usage Cascabel Chile Peppers: Cascabel chile peppers are good for adding a irradiate heat and fruity flavor come soups, salsas, stews, and also sauces.


Guajillo Chile Peppers

Guajillo Chile Pepper

Guajillo chile peppers (pronounced gwah-HEE-yoh) space long, skinny, bright red chile peppers v a smooth skin. They are moderately hot chiles that include a sharp, fruity flavor come dishes and also sauces.

SHU: 2,500-5,000 (medium)Substitutions because that Guajillo Chile Peppers: Guijillo chile peppers are one of the much more easy to discover Mexican chile peppers. If you need a substitute, cascabel chile peppers occupational well, although they will carry less heat.How To use Guajillo Chile Peppers: Guajillo chile peppers are great for utilizing as rubs for meats, in salsa, or to add a lighter flavor and also moderate warm to stews and sauces.

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Pulla (or Puya) Chile Peppers

Pulla (or Puya) Chile Pepper

Pulla chiles room long and thin, like guajillos, but smaller and spicer. Castle are similar to guajilos in their fruity flavor, yet bring more heat.

SCU: 5,000-8,000 (hot)Substitutions because that Puya Chile Peppers:A combinatino of guajillo chiles and also cayenne chiles do a great substitute for puya chiles. The guajillo chiles will bring flavor (without lot heat) and also the cayennes will carry the heat.How To use Puya Chile Peppers: Pulla chiles bring great flavor and heat come enchilada sauces and salsas.

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Chiles de Arbol

Chiles de Arbol

Chiles de Arbol are bright red chiles through a nutty flavor. Lock are also known as bird’s beak or rat’s tail chiles.

SHU: 15,000-30,000 (hot)Substitutions because that Chiles de Arbol Peppers: Dried cayenne chile peppers room a good substitute because that chiles de arbol.How To usage Chiles de Arbol Peppers: With their fiery heat and also bright color, chiles de arbol are a natural an option for making salsas and also hot sauces. They likewise lend a nice absent to soups and also stews. (Remove the seeds to tone under the heat slightly.)

Try this Recipes using Chiles de Arbol Peppers:


Cayenne Chile Peppers

Cayenne Chile Peppers

Cayenne peppers are bright red and often offered dried and powdered.

SCU: 30,000-50,000 (very hot)Substitutes for Cayenne Chile Peppers:Cayenne chile peppers room quite typical to find. If friend can’t uncover them whole, you’ll probably be able to find them dried together cayenne flour or crushed together red pepper flakes. 1 cayenne chile pepper is around equal come 1/8 tsp soil cayenne powder.If you’re looking to substitute for a totality dried chile, chiles de arbol will execute the trick.How to use Cayenne Chile Peppers: Because of your heat, cayenne chile peppers are generally used in tiny quantities to include some heat to a dish or sauce.

Smoked Chile Peppers

While most chiles space air dried, some room dried by smoking. Smoking gives the chiles a distinctive flavor that is extensively loved in sauces and pairs wonderfully with meat.


Chipotle Chile Peppers

Chipotle Chile Peppers

Probably the most famous smoked chile pepper are chipotles. Chipotle chile peppers are additionally called moritas. They room made from smoked, an extremely ripe jalapeno peppers. The ripeness of the jalapenos used gives them a pronounced, sweet warm that mingles expertly with the deep smokiness.

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SHU: 2,500-10,000 (medium to hot)Substitutions for Chipotle Chile Peppers: Ancho or mulato chiles are good substitutes because that chipotles, yet they won’t be fairly as smoky. If you’re in search of a substitute because that chipotles in adobo sauce, shot mixing 1 Tbsp ketchup + 1/2 tsp fluid smoke + 1 chopped jalapeno (red, if you can find it).How To use Chipotle Chile Peppers: Chipotle chile peppers are regularly used in Tex-Mex cooking. They add a pretty smokiness come sauces and also robust meat dishes. That is most typical to discover them box or jarred through an adobo marinade that vinegar, paprika, and spices which create a tasty sauce and acts to maintain the chiles. The adobo is just as useful in the kitchen as the chiles themselves!

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