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inch of water column

The above form works if you space measuring differentialpressure, such together the difference in psi between two points. It also gives the exactly answer for pure pressure,assuming you space measuring psia, which is the push relativeto absolute zero vacuum.

If you are measuring loved one to vacuum and also want come resolvethe pressure relative come the atmosphere, then you need to usethe type below.

PSI (relative come atmosphere) customs of water pillar (relative to vacuum)

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››Quick conversion graph of PSI to inch of water column

1 PSI to inch of water shaft = 27.6799 customs of water column

2 PSI to customs of water obelisk = 55.35981 inch of water column

3 PSI to inch of water tower = 83.03971 customs of water column

4 PSI to customs of water tower = 110.71962 customs of water column

5 PSI to customs of water shaft = 138.39952 inch of water column

6 PSI to customs of water obelisk = 166.07943 customs of water column

7 PSI to inch of water pillar = 193.75933 inch of water column

8 PSI to customs of water shaft = 221.43924 inch of water column

9 PSI to customs of water obelisk = 249.11914 inch of water column

10 PSI to inch of water shaft = 276.79905 customs of water column

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››Definition: Pound/square inch

The lb per square customs or, more accurately, pound-force every square customs (symbol: psi or lbf/in² or lbf/in²) is a unit of press or of stress based on avoirdupois units. That is the pressure resulting native a pressure of one pound-force applied to an area the one square inch.

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