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North Infirmary Command

Address:15-00 Hazen St.,East Elmhurst, N.Y.11370North Infirmary Command is composed of two infirmary buildings, one of them the original Rikers Island Hospital developed in 1932. The facility has actually a volume of an ext than 400 beds because that infirmary care, non-infirmary and also general population inmates. It also houses inmates who require extreme protective custody due to the fact that of the notoriety or the nature of their cases. A unique dormitory dwellings inmates through AIDS and also AIDS-related cases.

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James A. Thomas Center

Address:14-14 Hazen St.,East Elmhurst, N.Y.11370James A. Thomas facility was previously the home of Detention because that Men. The facility to be renamed in storage of the Department"s first African-American warden. Built in 1933 as Rikers Island"s first permanent jail, the HDM initially was called the Rikers Island Penitentiary. In 1980, a commonwealth court bespeak capped the jail"s capacity at 1,200. JATC is a maximum security single-cell facility. The no longer residences inmates.

Eric M. Taylor Center

Address: 10-10 Hazen St.,East Elmhurst, NY 11370The Eric M. Taylor facility was built in 1964 and expanded in 1973. EMTC"s present capacity is about 1,851. It homes adolescent and adult male inmates sentenced to terms of one year or less. Most of its housing is dormitory style. Able-bodied sentenced inmates are forced to work. Castle constitute Rikers Island"s grounds crews, facility maintenance and also industrial labor force. In July, 2000 the institution"s surname was changed from the Correctional school for guys to the Eric M. Taylor facility in respect of a retired Chief that Department who capped a differentiated career by helping lead the company to far-reaching gains in prison safety, efficiency and performance.

George Motchan Detention Center

Address:15-15 Hazen St.,East Elmhurst, N.Y.11370George Motchan Detention center was originally opened up in 1971 as the Correctional school for Women. It now has actually a capacity of around 2,098. In 1989, the jail to be renamed after ~ a 17-year veteran mediate Officer who was fatally shooting in the heat of duty. Through the 1988 opening of the increased M. Singer facility for women, GMDC ended up being a masculine detention center.

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The jail was formally dedicated the Robert N. Davoren center in may 2006 in honor of the former Chief the Department.

Robert N. Davoren Center,(formerly Adolescent Reception and also Detention Center)

Address:11-11 Hazen St.,East Elmhurst, N.Y.11370Adolescent Reception and Detention center was opened up in 1972. The facility homes adolescent masculine detainees (ages 16-18). ARDC has a capacity of around 2,238 in a combination of modular dormitories, Sprung structures and also cells. The jail was formally committed the Robert N. Davoren center in may 2006 in honor of the previous Chief of Department.Go to Overview||5-Borough Map that DOC facilities
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