Hi all, I have an old Cox Orion xl ride on mower, v a 12 HP briggs engine.It has actually the old format one item carby, I have just replaced the original carby with another one i picked up, I used carby cleaner come clean the jets, yet couldn"t unscrew the jet the goes increase from the bowl right into the carby, somebody has actually butchered the screw head.My problem is, as soon as I start it with the choke involved it runs yet as shortly as ns go to accelerate it just cuts out on me.I don"t recognize much around theses engines yet guessing the it is that jet that i couldn"t unscrew is most likely blocked up, but don"t know just how to acquire it the end if it turns out to be the cause, for this reason any aid would it is in appreciated.thanks

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If girlfriend can"t unscrew it, girlfriend either have to use straightforward out to gain it out, or try to clean it while it"s in the carb. You may have to soak the carb in a bath type cleaner and flush it with water and compressed wait to gain it clean there is no removing the jet. Ns assume you tried opened the high speed mixture screw a bit, correct?

Thanks for her reply and also the advise, yes i did shot opening the high speed screw but did nothing.I will certainly go to the hardware shop tomorrow to view if they have actually that straightforward out devise. If no I will shot your various other method, thanks again.
Thanks, ns haven"t had a possibility to do anything yet yet it is ok, I carry out have another one I deserve to replace it with.
Need some an ext help please, ~ trying the overnight soak procedure it still wasn"t running very an excellent but at least it would run for longer prior to cutting the end so I at some point got that key jet the end < the one above the float> with straightforward out an equipment and replaced it, all jets are an extremely clean. My initial settings were idle 1&1/2 transforms out from all the way in and additionally the high side settings the same yet no matter how I try to readjust them ns still get very choppy sound indigenous the exhaust, so once again I would appreciate any help.thanks
1 1/2 transforms out is typical for the low speed, but change the high rate for best performance. The variety of turns have the right to vary native one to another. Is this unit old enough to have actually points? What is the engine model and also code?
This might be helpful.Disassembly, Cleaning and Repair that Briggs and also Stratton huge One-piece Flo-jet Carb

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