Heat does a number top top rubber, and eventually, the versatile rubber brake lines on every vehicles will certainly fail. Even if it is you"re instead of a blown line or preemptively upgrading, here is the step-by-step guide to gain you with it.

This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

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Brake lines have tendency to acquire overlooked as one of the significant safety features on her truck. There is no them, your brakes room just around useless. For this reason it"s constantly important come make certain they"re in an excellent shape and also replace any faulty ones. In addition, her truck supplies rubber brake present for details portions of the braking system. When rubber isn"t bad, gradually it can begin to loosened its shape and cause balloon in the line through the brakes pressed. Once this bubbling occurs, not almost enough fluid is making it come the calipers to properly apply the brakes. So even if your lines haven"t failed yet, convert to a collection of braided stainless stole lines can offer you far better piece that mind, and also a firmer pedal feeling if her rubber present are starting to obtain bubbling issues.


Materials NeededPower/pressure bleederDrain panShop towelsFlare wrench setFloor jackJack standsTire ironFlat head screwdriverWD-40

Step 1 – situate the brakes currently you"re replacing

Before obtaining too much into things, it"s best to situate the brake currently you"re replacing to acquire a setup of action. If you"re replacing whole section, you need to follow the heat from begin to complete to decide exactly how to get it out and how to obtain the new one in. If you room cutting the end an old section and splicing a brand-new piece in, you should try to make sure you have enough room to gain your tools up there. If you are replacing whole section beginning from the grasp cylinder, be advised the you"ll need to have the ability to lift the van body off the framework to allow clearance for both feeding the new line through and also using tools. Because that those that aren"t mechanically inclined, it is said leaving that procedure to a professional.

Figure 1. Grasp cylinder diagram.

Step 2 – progressive the truck

Depending on which lines you are replacing, you"ll have to decide wherein to raise the truck from. If friend are only patching a facility section, wheel removal may not it is in necessary. Regardless, due to the fact that you are handling the brakes, you need to chock the wheel on all sides.

Figure 2. Front brake lines.

Step 3 – eliminate old brake line

Before undoing a brake line, the is said lining under the truck through shop towels whereby both relationships will be undone. Brake fluid is extremely corrosive and will eat through paint or anything similar very quickly.

If you are splicing a section, utilizing the cut off device of your choice, make your 2 cuts about the section that requirements to be removed. If your are replacing a piece that has actually rusted through, make sure your cuts are at a ar where over there it is a strong enough ar to make a brand-new connection; otherwise, all you will execute is produce the next allude it"ll fail.
Figure 3. Brake heat cutting tool.If you are removing an entire section, you"ll have to trace the heat from start to finish and also remove that from any type of clamps holding that in ar using your flat head screwdriver. This may incorporate raising the cab or bed to permit proper access. As soon as the line has actually been undone from any kind of clamps, you"ll should use the proper sized flare wrench come undo the flare nut holding the line in ar at each end. If there is severe rust on the nut, the is argued using a lubricant such as WD-40 front to avoid breaking the seed or the joint. When it"s unbolted, friend may uncover it simpler to reduced it right into sections to help with removal. Be prepared though, as the heat still includes fluid, so every ar you cut is one more potential drip point.
Figure 4. Usage flare wrench to unbolt brake line.

Step 4 – Install new brake line

If you space installing an entire section, you"ll must route the line the same means the old line to be routed. When the heat is in position, reattach it to any kind of clamps the were holding the old line. Then you have the right to tighten the nuts using your flare wrench. Be careful not come over-tighten because the nuts space made of a softer metal, which means you have the right to round them off or strip the threading easier.
Figure 5. Braided stole replacement brake lines.

If you space splicing a new section in, your process will be a bit much more involved. Friend will need to chamfer the end of the brake heat at both reduced points come clean it up first. Position the brand-new nut onto the tube, due to the fact that once friend flare it, it will certainly be lot harder to obtain it on. You will then need to flare both end of the line at the reduced points using a flaring tool. When the lines are flared, girlfriend can affix your brand-new section right into place.

Figure 6. Brake heat flares.
Figure 7. Brake line splice section.

Step 5 – top off brake fluid and also inspect for leaks

At this point, if all went well, you space pretty close to finishing. It is argued topping off the brake fluid reservoir, pump the brakes one or 2 times, and then topping off the liquid level again. As soon as the reservoir has actually a enough amount the fluid, the is said pumping the brakes a couple times much more and climate inspecting your brake heat connections. Any fluid coming the end is a authorize of a poor connection the will need to be fixed.

Step 6 – Bleed the brakes

If there room no leaks, you"ll now should bleed the brakes. Because you removed a ar of brake line, you introduced air into the system. The braking device needs to run in a vacuum to ensure appropriate functionality, therefore you"ll must bleed the brakes come remove any kind of air from the lines.

Figure 8. Pressure bleeder.

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Step 7 – complete up

With a certain brake pedal established and also no leaks present, all that remains is to switch up the truck.

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Refit the wheels and snug the lug nuts.Lower the truck off the stands.Torque the lug nuts to spec (90 ft./lb. For aluminum wheels; 100 ft./lb. For steel wheels).

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