Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome to an additional article ~ above the proven helper. Today I’m going to show you how to reset the maintenance compelled light on your Toyota Camry simply in situation your dealership or her oil loop place forgot to carry out it because that you.

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By the way, speaking about oil change, even if it is you do your oil readjust yourself? I simply wanted to let you know that most complete dealerships have actually coupons choose this one which consists of a multi-point investigate of tire rotation and oil readjust for 25 bucks, therefore if you want to carry out it yourself, friend can, but for 25 dollars, I’d rather. Girlfriend know, take it to the dealer, but today i’m going to present you how to reset the maintenance compelled oil light.

Next, revolve the crucial all the way to the turn off positionPress and also hold the ODO/ TRIP button down and also then turn the ignition on place againKeep stop the button until the MAINT REQD irradiate disappearStart the engine simply to confirm that everything is done

2007-2017 design Years

Turn on her carIf your car has one ignition button, push the START/STOP switch twice without action on the brake pedalPress the ODO/ TRIP switch repeatedly until you check out TRIP AThe button is located on the instrument cluster


This is the worst just how to indict I’ve ever before found. After analysis through crap ~ above the optimal that has actually nothing to execute with resetting the light, that does no work. The instruction in the video clip is correct. It’s• Insert the vital into the ignition. Leave the engine rotate off.• Press and also hold the odometer reset knob.• rotate the ignition move to the “On” position. Continue to organize in the odometer reset knob.• release the odometer reset knob as soon as the maintenance light flashes and disappears.

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