2010 Mustang Engine information – 244 cubic customs V6 (4.0L Ford Cologne V6)

The Cologne V6

The 4.0 Liter (244 ci) engine used in 2010 is virtually unmodified from ahead years. The 2005 – 2009 basic Mustang was powered by Ford’s actors iron block 4.0 l Cologne SOHC V6, replacing the 3.8 together Essex OHV V6 supplied in 2004 and also older models. The conventional engine in 2010 version year was the same 4.0 together V6 mated to a 5-speed hand-operated transmission or an optional 5-speed automatically transmission. It produce 210 hp (157 kW) in ~ 5300 rpm and also 240 lb·ft (325 N·m) that torque in ~ 3500 rpm.

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3,500 RPMCompression9.7:1TypeSOHC

Other Engine Specs

Firing order1-4-2-5-3-6
Lobe elevator intake and exhaust.259 inch
Allowable lobe lift loss.005 inch
Endplay.0003 – .007 inches
Journal diameter1.099 come 1.101 inches
Bearing inside diameter1.102 – 1.104
Journal come bearing oil clearance.002 come .004 (Max .006)

Engine & other Torque Specifications

All talk specifications detailed in this table are those encourage by FORD. If girlfriend use special bolts, monitor the torque specifications provided by the manufacturer. Ns recommend the you use the 3 step torque method where friend torque down the bolts in 3 equal steps. When you have actually reached the maximum encourage torque setting, go roughly one an ext time. Carry out not speak in a one pattern. Constantly torque cross to cross.

Head bolts
This type of head bolt must be replaced! action 1 = 10 lbs, action 2 = 18 lbs, action 3 8mm bolts 24 lbs, action 4 = + 90 degrees, action 5 = + 90 levels more.
Intake manifold bolts90 customs lbs
Exhaust manifold nuts17
Exhaust pipeline to manifold nuts30
Drivebelt tensioner bolt35
Flywheel driveplate boltsIn 2 steps; 10 lbs, then 52 lbs
Front jackshaft sprocket boltsStep 1 = 33 lbs, action 2 + 90 degrees
Rear jackshaft sprocket boltsStep 1 = 15 lbs, action 2 + 90 degrees
Jackshaft chain tensioner bolts80 inch lbs
Jackshaft chain overview bolts168 customs lbs
Jackshaft thrust key bolts90 customs lbs
Engine mountain nuts46
Engine mountain bracket to engine block bolts59
Engine mountain to chassis52
Upper electronic came gear bolt
Crank cap bolts
Valve sheathe bolts89 in lbs
Accessory brackets35
Oil pump drive to engine block168 inch lbs
Oil pump come block bolts168 inch lbs
Oil pump display screen to tube89 customs lbs
Oil pan come crankcase reinforcement section80 inch lbs
crankcase reinforcement section to block89 inch lbs
crankcase combine to block threaded inserts27 customs lbs
crankcase combine rear key seal71 inch lbs
rear lower block cradle to transmission bolts35 lbs
Timing chain cassette bolts -right – upper108 in lbs
Timing chain cassette bolts -left – upper108 in lbs
Timing chain cassette bolts -left – lower168 in lbs
camshaft sprocket bolt63
camshaft bearing lid boltsstep 1= 53 in-lbs, step 2 = 144 in lbs
crankshaft sheave bolt (must use new bolts!)33, action 2 = extr 85 degrees

2010 Ford Mustang2010 Ford Mustang Engine2010 Ford Mustang Research244 Cubic inch V6244 Cubic inches / 4.0 Liters244 Ford Essex V6 Engine (4.0 L)6 Cylinder EngineEngine
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