acetone - 790 mg/ml/nbeer - 1010 mg/ml/nbutter - 920 mg/ml/nethyl alcohol - 790 mg/ml/nflour - 570 mg/ml/nglycerine - 1260 mg/ml/nmilk - 1030 mg/ml/nsugar, beet - 800 mg/ml/nsugar, granulated - 700 mg/ml/nsugar, flour - 560 mg/ml/nsunflower oil - 920 mg/ml/nwater - 1000 mg/ml/n ml = 1000 mg

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acetone - 0.00127 ml/mg/nbeer - 0.00099 ml/mg/nbutter - 0.00109 ml/mg/nethyl alcohol - 0.00127 ml/mg/nflour - 0.00175 ml/mg/nglycerine - 0.000794 ml/mg/nmilk - 0.000971 ml/mg/nsugar, sugar beet - 0.00125 ml/mg/nsugar, granulated - 0.00143 ml/mg/nsugar, flour - 0.00179 ml/mg/nsunflower oil - 0.00109 ml/mg/nwater - 0.001 ml/mg/n mg = 0.001 ml
ml to mg conversion table:0.1 ml
=100 mg2.1 ml=2100 mg4.1 ml=4100 mg7 ml=7000 mg
0.2 ml=200 mg2.2 ml=2200 mg4.2 ml=4200 mg8 ml=8000 mg
0.3 ml=300 mg2.3 ml=2300 mg4.3 ml=4300 mg9 ml=9000 mg
0.4 ml=400 mg2.4 ml=2400 mg4.4 ml=4400 mg10 ml=10000 mg
0.5 ml=500 mg2.5 ml=2500 mg4.5 ml=4500 mg11 ml=11000 mg
0.6 ml=600 mg2.6 ml=2600 mg4.6 ml=4600 mg12 ml=12000 mg
0.7 ml=700 mg2.7 ml=2700 mg4.7 ml=4700 mg13 ml=13000 mg
0.8 ml=800 mg2.8 ml=2800 mg4.8 ml=4800 mg14 ml=14000 mg
0.9 ml=900 mg2.9 ml=2900 mg4.9 ml=4900 mg15 ml=15000 mg
1 ml=1000 mg3 ml=3000 mg5 ml=5000 mg16 ml=16000 mg
1.1 ml=1100 mg3.1 ml=3100 mg5.1 ml=5100 mg17 ml=17000 mg
1.2 ml=1200 mg3.2 ml=3200 mg5.2 ml=5200 mg18 ml=18000 mg
1.3 ml=1300 mg3.3 ml=3300 mg5.3 ml=5300 mg19 ml=19000 mg
1.4 ml=1400 mg3.4 ml=3400 mg5.4 ml=5400 mg20 ml=20000 mg
1.5 ml=1500 mg3.5 ml=3500 mg5.5 ml=5500 mg30 ml=30000 mg
1.6 ml=1600 mg3.6 ml=3600 mg5.6 ml=5600 mg40 ml=40000 mg
1.7 ml=1700 mg3.7 ml=3700 mg5.7 ml=5700 mg50 ml=50000 mg
1.8 ml=1800 mg3.8 ml=3800 mg5.8 ml=5800 mg70 ml=70000 mg
1.9 ml=1900 mg3.9 ml=3900 mg5.9 ml=5900 mg90 ml=90000 mg
2 ml=2000 mg4 ml=4000 mg6 ml=6000 mg100 ml=100000 mg

mg come ml conversion table:
10 mg=0.01 ml210 mg=0.21 ml410 mg=0.41 ml700 mg=0.7 ml
20 mg=0.02 ml220 mg=0.22 ml420 mg=0.42 ml800 mg=0.8 ml
30 mg=0.03 ml230 mg=0.23 ml430 mg=0.43 ml900 mg=0.9 ml
40 mg=0.04 ml240 mg=0.24 ml440 mg=0.44 ml1000 mg=1 ml
50 mg=0.05 ml250 mg=0.25 ml450 mg=0.45 ml1100 mg=1.1 ml
60 mg=0.06 ml260 mg=0.26 ml460 mg=0.46 ml1200 mg=1.2 ml
70 mg=0.07 ml270 mg=0.27 ml470 mg=0.47 ml1300 mg=1.3 ml
80 mg=0.08 ml280 mg=0.28 ml480 mg=0.48 ml1400 mg=1.4 ml
90 mg=0.09 ml290 mg=0.29 ml490 mg=0.49 ml1500 mg=1.5 ml
100 mg=0.1 ml300 mg=0.3 ml500 mg=0.5 ml1600 mg=1.6 ml
110 mg=0.11 ml310 mg=0.31 ml510 mg=0.51 ml1700 mg=1.7 ml
120 mg=0.12 ml320 mg=0.32 ml520 mg=0.52 ml1800 mg=1.8 ml
130 mg=0.13 ml330 mg=0.33 ml530 mg=0.53 ml1900 mg=1.9 ml
140 mg=0.14 ml340 mg=0.34 ml540 mg=0.54 ml2000 mg=2 ml
150 mg=0.15 ml350 mg=0.35 ml550 mg=0.55 ml30000 mg=30 ml
160 mg=0.16 ml360 mg=0.36 ml560 mg=0.56 ml4000 mg=4 ml
170 mg=0.17 ml370 mg=0.37 ml570 mg=0.57 ml5000 mg=5 ml
180 mg=0.18 ml380 mg=0.38 ml580 mg=0.58 ml7000 mg=7 ml
190 mg=0.19 ml390 mg=0.39 ml590 mg=0.59 ml9000 mg=9 ml
200 mg=0.2 ml400 mg=0.4 ml600 mg=0.6 ml10000 mg=10 ml

How to transform mg to ml?

It is not easy to say. Since you have the right to not convert milligrams to milliliters directly.
You require to understand a density of the material. For instance one milliliter of water is equal to 1000 milligrams, because density is 1 gram come 1 milliliter.
No doubts, other materials have various ratio in between weight and capacity. So they have various density. Thus 100 ml deodorant has different amount the milligrams comparing v water or oil.

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Some materials have similar density, for example water and beer have similar density in domestic usage. Yet some materials differ ten or also thousands times.