One that the most typical questions we gain is: What size of a table execute I need to sit people? even when we cite the size they’ll need, it deserve to still be tough to visualize for most precisely how everyone will certainly sit in ~ the table. In order come help, we created this nice small guide top top the various sizes the tables, exactly how many civilization you have the right to sit, and also the many comfortable way for anyone to sit.

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Let’s begin with leaves first. Almost any table have the right to come with leaves. The ascendancy of ignorance we like to use is for every 2 leaves, you deserve to sit second 2 people. This likewise applies to 1 leaf. When you add in one leaf, you’ll have the ability to add secondary person to each side.

Each of our leaves will be 12″ vast (unless otherwise specified). This can additionally be claimed as: 24″ = 2 people.

Chair room can vary however a comfortable number is commonly a 3″ gap between each chair.

When it pertains to square or round tables, typically a 42″ and also 48″ will be able to sit the same amount that people as with a 54″ and also 60″ can. We have seen part diagrams that display a 48″ have the right to sit 6 people. This is highly situational. The only way something choose that is feasible if it a pedestal format table. When you sit 6 human being at that kind of size, that is a really tight fit together well.

Oval & rectangle-shaped Tables

On any style table, a 42″ x 60″ and 42″ x 66″ will certainly seat 6 people. A 42″ x 72″ deserve to sit 8 people but only in a double pedestal style. Foot tables and trestle tables will have the legs and middle base acquire in the way. They’ll only be able to seat 6 uneven you add leaves.


Typically, many tables come in a 42″w standard. You space able to boost that to a 48″ wide. This doesn’t increase the lot of human being you deserve to sit at her table. This simply creates part extra leg room for those on the corners. The one point to store in mind as soon as you rise the width, it deserve to make that more challenging passing dishes and condiments. Rather than just passing the salt, you might have to toss the salt.

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Looking to acquisition an apartment size dining room collection with four chairs. Interested in the total price for very same dependent top top the type of wood provided of course. Say thanks to you.

Question – if i did a 54″ round v an 18″ expansion that would take me to 72″. Exactly how many world could fit around that then? Conceivably 10 people?