ZaJR- Because Google is always correct right? Seriously, so many people miss order of operations, and Google is based on responses from people, so Google doesn't prove anything.

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ShiningsTar542 posted overayearago
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The answer is 1The answer to 7-4+3=6Multiply that by 0 and get 0Then add 1Now you have 1! Yaaay! ^.^



I know and i exept that and yes i can becuase i got a's in math class I choose to not do math during SUMMER BREAK AWAY FROM SCHOOL
Well, lets see. We have to follow the order of operation...P.E.M.D.A.S. so here goes7-4+3x0+13x0=07-4=33+0=33+1=4Guys, you learn this in primary school /)^3^(My brain is fried since its summerI cant believe im actually gonna take 9th grade math next school year when im only in 8th grade WOOT! Even though i hate mathbut really the answer is actually unicorn /)^3^(screw this im watching the video below
Because of order of operations. The correct answer isn't one, but that's what you get without order of operations.
To the people who are wondering why people think it"s 4: it"s because they are using PEMDAS (parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction). Which means multiplication is first for this equation, then addition, then lastly subtraction.I know, at first I thought the answer was 1, but then I remembered to use PEMDAS.7-4+3x0+1=?Multiplication:3x0 = 07-4+(0)+1=?Addition:0+1= 17-4+(1)=?Subtraction:7-4= 3(3)+(1)= 4^ Which means the answer is possibly 4. But then again, I was thinking it could be 2 because if all addition comes first, it shouldn"t be 7-4, but 4+(3x0) or 4+(0). So the answer COULD be 2.But whatever, I guess the answer can be whatever you want.
eeyup. i forgot that rule. crud. its PEMDAS, right? im usually really good at it, but its summer and i get stupid over vacation. :P

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I suck at all things math....I even don't think I could do a improper fraction without getting my head tired....T_T