Use this charts to easily look up usual weight conversions because that kilograms to rock and pounds. An infographic graph is further down the page (60kg come 130kg).

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Kilos to rock and poundsKilogramsStoneStone and also poundsPounds
40 kg6.30 st6 st, 4.2 lb88.2 lb
41 kg6.46 st6 st, 6.4 lb90.4 lb
42 kg6.61 st6 st, 8.6 lb92.6 lb
43 kg6.77 st6 st, 10.8 lb94.8 lb
44 kg6.93 st6 st, 13.0 lb97.0 lb
45 kg7.09 st7 st, 1.2 lb99.2 lb
46 kg7.24 st7 st, 3.4 lb101.4 lb
47 kg7.40 st7 st, 5.6 lb103.6 lb
48 kg7.56 st7 st, 7.8 lb105.8 lb
49 kg7.72 st7 st, 10.0 lb108.0 lb
50 kg7.87 st7 st, 12.2 lb110.2 lb
51 kg8.03 st8 st, 0.4 lb112.4 lb
52 kg8.19 st8 st, 2.6 lb114.6 lb
53 kg8.35 st8 st, 4.8 lb116.8 lb
54 kg8.50 st8 st, 7.0 lb119.1 lb
55 kg8.66 st8 st, 9.3 lb121.3 lb
56 kg8.82 st8 st, 11.5 lb123.5 lb
57 kg8.98 st8 st, 13.7 lb125.7 lb
58 kg9.13 st9 st, 1.9 lb127.9 lb
59 kg9.29 st9 st, 4.1 lb130.1 lb
60 kg9.45 st9 st, 6.3 lb132.3 lb
61 kg9.61 st9 st, 8.5 lb134.5 lb
62 kg9.76 st9 st, 10.7 lb136.7 lb
63 kg9.92 st9 st, 12.9 lb138.9 lb
64 kg10.08 st10 st, 1.1 lb141.1 lb
65 kg10.24 st10 st, 3.3 lb143.3 lb
66 kg10.39 st10 st, 5.5 lb145.5 lb
67 kg10.55 st10 st, 7.7 lb147.7 lb
68 kg10.71 st10 st, 9.9 lb149.9 lb
69 kg10.87 st10 st, 12.1 lb152.1 lb
70 kg11.02 st11 st, 0.3 lb154.3 lb
71 kg11.18 st11 st, 2.5 lb156.5 lb
72 kg11.34 st11 st, 4.7 lb158.7 lb
73 kg11.50 st11 st, 6.9 lb160.9 lb
74 kg11.65 st11 st, 9.1 lb163.1 lb
75 kg11.81 st11 st, 11.3 lb165.4 lb
76 kg11.97 st11 st, 13.6 lb167.6 lb
77 kg12.13 st12 st, 1.8 lb169.8 lb
78 kg12.28 st12 st, 4.0 lb172.0 lb
79 kg12.44 st12 st, 6.2 lb174.2 lb
80 kg12.60 st12 st, 8.4 lb176.4 lb
81 kg12.76 st12 st, 10.6 lb178.6 lb
82 kg12.91 st12 st, 12.8 lb180.8 lb
83 kg13.07 st13 st, 1.0 lb183.0 lb
84 kg13.23 st13 st, 3.2 lb185.2 lb
85 kg13.39 st13 st, 5.4 lb187.4 lb
86 kg13.54 st13 st, 7.6 lb189.6 lb
87 kg13.70 st13 st, 9.8 lb191.8 lb
88 kg13.86 st13 st, 12.0 lb194.0 lb
89 kg14.02 st14 st, 0.2 lb196.2 lb
90 kg14.17 st14 st, 2.4 lb198.4 lb
91 kg14.33 st14 st, 4.6 lb200.6 lb
92 kg14.49 st14 st, 6.8 lb202.8 lb
93 kg14.64 st14 st, 9.0 lb205.0 lb
94 kg14.80 st14 st, 11.2 lb207.2 lb
95 kg14.96 st14 st, 13.4 lb209.4 lb
96 kg15.12 st15 st, 1.6 lb211.6 lb
97 kg15.27 st15 st, 3.8 lb213.9 lb
98 kg15.43 st15 st, 6.1 lb216.1 lb
99 kg15.59 st15 st, 8.3 lb218.3 lb
100 kg15.75 st15 st, 10.5 lb220.5 lb
101 kg15.90 st15 st, 12.7 lb222.7 lb
102 kg16.06 st16 st, 0.9 lb224.9 lb
103 kg16.22 st16 st, 3.1 lb227.1 lb
104 kg16.38 st16 st, 5.3 lb229.3 lb
105 kg16.53 st16 st, 7.5 lb231.5 lb
106 kg16.69 st16 st, 9.7 lb233.7 lb
107 kg16.85 st16 st, 11.9 lb235.9 lb
108 kg17.01 st17 st, 0.1 lb238.1 lb
109 kg17.16 st17 st, 2.3 lb240.3 lb
110 kg17.32 st17 st, 4.5 lb242.5 lb
Note: conversions space rounded come 1 decimal place.

If you'd like to carry out a stone or lb conversion not shown in this chart, give our kilograms, rock & lb converter or ours kg and also lb converter a try. A graphic chart because that kilograms to stone and pounds is available below.


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