A team or chain of little islands
atollA horseshoe-shaped island created by coral and surrounded by a lagoon.

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river bankThe land along the political parties of a flow or canal.
canalA fabricated channel that water involvement lakes or rivers, or connecting them with the sea.
capeA huge point that land the extends into a sea or an ocean.
cliffA really steep or vertical slope.
butteAn isolated, rocky hill or hill with a small flat top.
bayA little area the sea or lake partly enclosed by dried land.
canyonLarger 보다 a gorge, a deep, steep-sided narrow valley v a flat bottom.
channelA narrow passage that water connecting two bigger bodies the water.
plainNearly flat an ar of land.
craterThe cup-shaped indention in ~ the optimal of a volcano.
deltaThe triangular area that sediments developed at the mouth that a river.
glacierA big mass of gradually moving ice down a steep or valley.
icebergA fixed of floating ice broken off indigenous a glacier.
harborAn area the water where ships, boats, and other watercraft deserve to dock.
islandA body of land surrounding on all sides by water.
oasisA place in a desert whereby there is a resource of water that deserve to support some plant life.
peninsulaA piece of land that is surrounding on three sides by water.
plateauAn elevated, largely level area the land.
straitA small body the water the connects two bigger bodies that water.
valleyA U-shaped lowland in between hills or mountains.
volcanoAn opened in the earth's crust from which molten absent erupts.
mesaAn elevated piece of land through a level top and steep sides.
geyserA spout that water cook by molten rock underground.
prairieTreeless plain, usually extended by tall grass.
gulfA big inlet of ocean or sea the is partly surrounded by land.
lagoonA shallow body of water separated indigenous the s by reefs or short strips the land.
isthmusA narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies that land.
lakeA human body of water fully surrounded by land.
mountainA part of the land the rises at the very least 1,000 feet over the bordering land.
mouthThe ar where a river flows right into a bigger body the water.
tributaryA present or river the flows into a bigger stream or river.
swampA swamp similiar to a marsh however usually bigger in area and supporting plant life, such as trees and also shrubs.
caveA hole beneath the surface ar of the earth.
peakThe highest allude of a mountain.
mountain rangeA chain that mountains.
streamA little river.
riverA huge stream the flows native a resource to a larger body that water.
marshA low, water-soaked, poorly drained area v thick tall grasses and also reeds.
rangeA big area of open up land.
desertA barren soil area containing tiny or no vegetation.
continentA big mass the land surrounding by oceans.
hillA component of the land that rises gently above the level that the bordering land.
gorgeA V-shaped, steep-sided canyon, usually caused by promptly flowing water.
forestA large, thick growth that trees, plants, and also underbrush.
oceanA large body of salt water that separates land.
pondA tiny body of fresh water.
reefA ridge that sand, coral, or bedrock under water yet near the surface.

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fjordA long, narrow inlet or eight of the s bordered by high cliffs.