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Note: There are three vital temperatures to remember when cooking meat or egg at home: Eggs and also all floor meats should be cooked to 160°F; poultry and fowl to 165°F; and fresh meat steaks, chops and also roasts to 145°F.

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Use a thermometer to inspect temperatures.Cook come the inner temperatures provided below in degrees Fahrenheit.

consumer COOKING TEMPERATURE CHART because that MEATS and also EGGS
Ground meats (veal, beef, lamb, pork, deer, moose, elk or caribou) 160°F
Fresh beef, veal, lamb, pork, deer, moose, elk or caribou steaks, chops and roasts
recommended minimum temperature 145°F
medium 160°F
well done 170°F
Leftover cook meats 165°F or for sure to eat cold if properly cooled and stored
Ground chicken and also turkey 165°F
Whole chicken, turkey, duck and also goose 165°F
Poultry breasts and roasts; thighs and wings 165°F
Casseroles, every stuffing and reheated leftovers 165°F
Fully-cooked poultry 165°F or for sure to eat cold if properly cooled and also stored
Fish and shellfish, any type 145°F
Rabbit 160°F
Fresh (raw) ham or shoulder 160°F
To reheat precooked ham 140°F
Eggs Cook until yolk and white space firm
Egg dishes; egg based sauces and custards 160°F

Reference: Cook: heat it up Chart. Partnership because that Food security Education. May 2011.



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