Understand the meaning of this Two rate Signs

For your driver’s patent or permit exam, you must be able to tell the difference in between these two speed signs.

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One is a regulatory rate limit sign. The various other is an advisory (recommended) rate sign.

Remember the straightforward Colors!

Black and also white typical regulation, yellow method warning. Learn more about the simple colors top top U.S. Roadway signs: What are the simple Colors

Regulatory speed limit signs room rectangular and have black letters and numerals on a white background.


Speed limit indications tell you the legit allowable limits. You may drive in ~ this speed when conditions allow, yet in many states you must not exceed the border under any kind of circumstances.

Montana is one state is an exemption to this rule. In Montana, you may exceed the speed limit v 10 mph when passing one more vehicle ~ above a two-way road.

With the word minimum, a regulatory speed limit sign tells you that you should NOT drive slower 보다 the speed indicated, unless conditions make it unsafe to drive at this speed. Girlfriend are allowed to drive slow in bad weather conditions, but also in congested traffic.

A minimum speed limit is frequently posted on interstates, expressways, and freeways.

Advisory speed signs have black letter on a yellow background.


Advisory speed signs are frequently seen under a warning sign and also are generally placed at sharp curves, exits, or leave ramps.

What You have to Know about the Advisory rate Sign

Advisory speed signs tell girlfriend that conditions ahead may make that unsafe to drive at a much faster speed. You need to slow under to the recommended speed. In poor weather or hefty traffic, you should reduce speed also more.

In spicy curves on two-way roads with a minimal view that the roadway ahead, you must slow and also be mindful not to overcome the facility line.

So, what is the difference? Well, one advisory speed sign is not implemented in the same means as a regulatory rate limit sign. Friend are much less likely to gain a ticket if girlfriend exceed one advisory speed.

You should, however, be aware that if friend exceed the recommended speed and also have one accident, that an officer may argue the you violated the straightforward speed legislation or general speed restriction and also were control too fast for conditions.

In such a situation, you might still be charged with a website traffic violation and also considered to be in ~ fault for the accident.

The decreased Speed ahead Sign

You should likewise know this sign:


Remember, yellow means warning. Miscellaneous is happening ahead.

When you check out this sign, girlfriend be aware that the rate limit changes ahead. Usually, the speed limit ahead is being lessened by much more than 10 mph.

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It is a good idea to begin slowing down when you drive previous the sign. When you with the black and white regulation sign later on, you have to have changed to the new speed.