Do you struggle to come up through the perfect vocabulary indigenous to define your thoughts? check out the lesson listed below to learn how using a thesaurus can assist you come to be a much better writer.

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A thesaurus is a reference tool the is supplied to situate synonyms (words the are comparable in an interpretation to a specific word.) Thesauri (the plural of thesaurus) space traditionally released in publish form, however are more conveniently available—and more easily searchable—online.

Thesauri deserve to be supplied to clarification the an interpretation of one unfamiliar word as soon as its definition in a thesaurus can’t be understood. This can be specifically useful for a nonnative speaker, since the selection of synonyms available by a thesaurus might include at the very least one word the he or she already knows. This synonyms could carry out the necessary ideas for the nonnative speaker to number out what the original word in reality means.

Here room a couple of popular online thesaurus


The most common use of a thesaurus is to stop word repetition, the possibly monotonous overuse the a term in writing or speech. Similarly, a thesaurus is provided to recognize replacements for words the seem too typical or dull, e.g., “see” can be replaced by “view.” The alternating vocabulary suggested by a thesaurus have the right to be offered to create texts the are much more interesting because of the richer language the is used.

To show how helpful this deserve to be, take into consideration the following instance of a monotonous sentence; note just how the vocabulary suggested by a thesaurus makes the succeeding revised version an ext interesting:

Original sentence:A thesaurus is provided to find words the are amazing to use in place of other words and is used to make messages that are much more interesting.

Revised v a thesaurus:A thesaurus is provided to identify vocabulary the is amazing to utilize in location of other words and also is employed come create texts that are more engaging.


If you desire to instead of a new word because that one the you have actually used too much, just look words up in a thesaurus and also find alternatives.

If you are using an virtual thesaurus, kind your initial word (or phrase) in the site’s search box. The outcomes will encompass a perform of different words with similar meanings. (You will also see the word’s part(s) of speech and, in some cases, its an interpretation and pronunciation. If words has much more than one part of speech, synonyms will be provided for each of the functions. These synonyms room the options that deserve to be substituted in place of your initial word or phrase.

Be careful! periodically the synonyms perform not save the same feeling or nuance as the original word. In order come make certain you space not using a word v a different feeling, execute a "cross check" the the brand-new word by checking its own an interpretation to make certain it matches the emotion you want.

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Whether you keep a published copy on your desk, bookmark a website, or download an application to your smartphone, your creating will boost with regular use that a thesaurus. In addition, you will certainly learn brand-new vocabulary in the process of looking up synonyms!


Use a thesaurus to discover an alternate word come the one the is listed. If you click on the "reveal answers" friend will discover one example. (There are much more possible answers.) click on the connect after each word come see more answers from

Find alternatives to words "speak."Find options to words "try."Find options to the word "give."Find options to the word "choose."Find choices to words "look."

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