Bone fractures, typically known as damaged bones, happen to numerous human being throughout the country each year. Generally brought about by sporting activities injuries, auto mishaps or drops, these painful injuries take time to heal. Your healthcare provider has numerous choices to treat fractures.

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What is a bone fracture?

When you break a bone, healthcare providers speak to it a bone fracture. This break changes the shape of the bone. These breaks may occur directly throughout a bone or along its length. A fracture have the right to break-up a bone in two or leave it in numerous pieces.

What forms of bone fractures are there?

Healthtreatment suppliers deserve to typically categorize a bone fracture based on its attributes. The categories include:

Closed or open up fractures: If the injury doesn’t break open the skin, it’s called a closed fracture. If the skin does open up, it’s called an open fracture or compound fracture.Complete fractures: The break goes entirely with the bone, separating it in 2.Displaced fractures: A gap develops where the bone breaks. Often, this injury requires surgical treatment to settle.Partial fractures: The break doesn’t go all the way with the bone.Stress fractures: The bone gets a crack in it, which is occasionally hard to discover with imaging.

A healthtreatment provider might add additional terms to explain partial, finish, open and also closed fractures. These terms include:

Avulsion: A tendon or ligament pulls component of the bone off. Ligaments connect bones to various other bones, while tendons anchor muscles to bones.Comminuted: The bone shatters right into numerous various pieces.Compression: The bone gets crumelted or flattened.Impacted: Bones gain thrust together.Oblique: The break goes diagonally across the bone.Spiral: The fracture spirals about the bone.Transverse: The break goes in a directly line across the bone.

Who gets bone fractures?

Anyone have the right to break a bone, via certain cases making it more likely. Many kind of people break bones from falls, automobile crashes and also sports injuries. Medical conditions such as osteoporosis have the right to also play a role. Osteoporosis reasons at leastern one million fractures yearly. Healthcare providers contact these injuries fragility fractures.

Symptoms and also Causes

What reasons damaged bones?

While bones are very strong, they deserve to break. Many often, breaks occur because the bone runs right into a more powerful force (acquiring thrvery own forward in a car crash, say). Also, repetitive forces – favor from running — deserve to fracture a bone. Healthtreatment carriers call these forms of injuries tension fractures.

Another reason for fractures is osteoporosis, which weakens bones as you age. It’s a severe condition, so older adults must speak to a healthcare provider about their danger.

What symptoms carry out bone fractures have?

The symptoms of a fracture depfinish on which bone breaks. For example, you’ll most likely recognize best amethod if you have actually a trouble via your arm, leg or finger. If you’re not sure, think about these possible symptoms:

Difficulty making use of the limb.Noticeable and also inexplicable bump, bfinish or twist. Severe pain.Swelling.

Diagnosis and also Tests

How carry out you test for a bone fracture?

To diagnose a damaged bone, your healthcare provider will certainly study the injury. You will also likely have one or even more imaging tests. These tests deserve to include:

X-rays: This tool produces a two-dimensional image of the break. Healthcare carriers frequently turn to this imaging initially.

Management and also Treatment

What damaged bone treatments are there?

A healthcare provider deserve to usually treat a broken bone with a actors or splint. Casts wrap the break with hard security, while splints safeguard simply one side. Both supports store the bone immobilized (no movement) and straighten it. The bone grows back together and also heals.

With smaller bones such as fingers and also toes, you won’t get a cast. Your healthcare provider might wrap the injury before making use of a splint.

Occasionally, your healthcare provider might should put you in tractivity. This therapy provides pulleys and also weights to stretch the muscles and also tendons about the damaged bone. Tractivity aligns the bone to promote healing.

For some breaks, your healthtreatment provider might recommfinish surgery. Your therapy might use stainless-steel screws, plates and fixators, or frames that host the bone steady.


How can I prevent broken bones?

You can prevent many type of fractures by avoiding drops, remaining in shape and also obtaining the appropriate vitamins and also minerals.

Avoiding falls

Following certain tips deserve to help you continue to be upappropriate indoors and out.


Balance: Consider balance training and physical treatment if your body feels off. Use a cane or walker if you need to.Clutter removal: Keep your rooms picked up. Make sure wires and cords don’t cross walkmethods.Lights: Make certain your rooms all have actually good lighting.Rugs: Use skid-complimentary mats under any rugs you need.Shoes: Wear shoes – not simply socks – once you’re home.Vision: Check your eyesight with an eye exam by an optometrist.


Attention: Pay attention to your surroundings. Watch for anything that can revolve into an obstacle or cause you to expedition.Balance: Use a cane or walker and also wear rubber-soled shoes for a far better grip.Curbs: Take care at curbs. Watch your footing as you step up.Lights: Leave a porch light on if you will come house after dark.Weather: Keep sidewalks, drivemeans and actions totally free of ice and also snow. Use salt to aid keep them clear.

Staying fit

Weight-bearing exercise such as walking helps save bones healthy and solid. Exercises that develop or preserve muscles have the right to additionally boost balance.

Eating right

To promote bone strength, watch your diet. Make sure to gain 1200 to 1500 milligrams (mg) of calcium each day. Also obtain 800 to 1000 international systems (IU) of vitamin D. Certain foods provide great resources of these nutrients:

Almonds.Beans such as chickpeas, babsence beans and also tofu.Dairy such as milk and also yogurt.Eggs.Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and also kale.Whole grains such as brown rice, oats and also rye.

Outlook / Prognosis

How long does it take a fracture to heal?

Healing time for a damaged bone varies from perchild to perboy and counts on the severity of the injury. For example, a broken leg will certainly take much longer than a broken arm or broken wrist. Also, you tend to heal even more gradually as you age. On average, healthtreatment service providers say it takes 6 to eight weeks to recuperate from a damaged bone.

Are there complications with bone fractures?

As with many injuries, a fractured bone have the right to bring about complications. These deserve to include:

Blood clots: Blockage of a blood vessel that have the right to break free and also relocate with the body.Cast-wearing complications: Can include push ulcers (sores) and joint stiffness. Compartment syndrome: Bleeding or swelling within the muscles surrounding the fracture.Hemarthrosis: Bleeding right into the joint, leading to it to swell.

Living With

When must someone see a healthcare provider for a damaged bone?

If you suspect you might have actually damaged a bone, see a healthcare provider ideal amethod. If you can’t obtain to urgent treatment or an emergency room on your own, contact 911 for help.

See your healthtreatment provider if your treated fracture doesn’t seem to be healing. Also, see a provider if the location around the fracture swells, transforms red or hurts. These indicators could intend healing has hit a snag.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Even though bones are solid, they deserve to break. A bone fracture is painful, and also you’ll want to obtain help via it ideal away. In most situations, you’ll require therapy to go back to normal activity. Talk to your healthtreatment provider if you’re involved about osteoporosis.


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Cleveland also Clinic is a non-profit academic medical facility. Advertising on our website helps support our mission. We carry out not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or solutions.Policy

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