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Adam Kendall: “You recognize what ns like around this school?”Mary Ingalls: “No, what?”Adam Kendall: “I have the right to kiss girlfriend in former of the entire class, and also no one would ever before know.” 

Season 5, episode 4


Linwood Boomer’s early on Life and Career 

Linwood Boomer was born ~ above October 9, 1955, the 3rd of four sons, and also grew increase in Vancouver, british Columbia. Linwood defines his household as unconventional. In one interview ~ his work with “Malcolm in the Middle,” he mutual that his mommy was well-known to walk roughly the house naked and would cut the hair turn off his father’s earlier – both aspects he used later in his work. (1) the went to school in a gifted program, and also even despite he was reported come be somewhat shy, he join a drama club and discovered a love of acting there. (2) 

Linwood started his exhilaration career in 1978 through his appearance on the tv series, “Little house on the Prairie,” as Adam Kendall, the husband of mar Ingalls, play by Melissa Sue Anderson. The was also in a made-for-TV movie called, “Suddenly Love” released the exact same year. Adam join the cast at the end of Season 4 when mary was at she darkest hour – coming to terms with her blindness.

Linwood Boomer together Adam Kendall 

Adam kendall is introduced to fans as the teacher of the blind college Mary Ingalls is sent out to attend. When their relationship starts turn off rocky, in huge part as result of Mary’s anger and also bitterness, things revolve around. Adam’s kindness, firmness, and honesty soon begin to win Mary over.

Much the Season 5 explores the budding relationship in between Adam and also Mary, culminating in a wedding halfway through the season. In fact, their wedding scenes do our fans’ peak Ten Romantic scene list! 


Linwood Boomer in ~ Adam kendal on “Little home on the Praire.” photograph courtesy NBCU picture Bank.

Linwood Boomer continued to be with “Little residence on the Prairie” with the remainder of the collection and to be well-respected by his colleagues. He appeared in 35 episodes the aired native 1978 to 1981. Melissa Sue Anderson describes him in her book “The way I view It“: “He was handsome in a non-traditional way. Linwood was nervous, however it sure didn’t show. The couldn’t have actually been nicer or funnier through his oddball sense of humor.” (3) 

Adam and also Mary had countless adventures throughout the next pair of seasons. While purely fictional, due to the fact that the real Mary Ingalls never ever married, their relationship created countless memorable scenes because that fans. Among the favorites is once Adam regains his sight after a head trauma. In the video clip below, Adam sees mary for the very first time. 

Regaining his sight prompts Adam to go earlier to occupational as a lawyer. Returning to work and also seeing, of course, adjusted the dynamic of Mary and Adam’s relationship. But they made it through.

Like so plenty of who worked with Michael Landon ~ above the “Little home on the Prairie” TV set, Linwood ended up being interested in the behind-the-scenes aspects of show business. Landon was an excellent mentor giving methods to learn to plenty of who went on in your careers come write, direct, or produce. Some of these people include Linwood, himself, Victor French, Dean Butler, Katherine MacGregor, Melissa Sue Anderson, and more. It’s no wonder climate that regardless of success with other TV guest appearances as an actor, Linwood Boomer would discover the many satisfaction and success in writing and producing.

Linwood Boomer Beyond small House ~ above the Prairie

During and also after Linwood’s time top top “The tiny House ~ above the Prairie” TV show, the made numerous guest appearances on various other television shows, although no one of the roles were as long-lasting together his time together Adam Kendall. In the clip below, we find Linwood together Doug Bridges on “The Love Boat” in 1982. 

Linwood made appearances in “Fantasy Island” in 1983, “Voyagers!” (1983), and “The Young and also the Restless” (1985). At this point in his career, Linwood started to shift his focus from working in former of the camera to working behind it.

By 1987 he was a producer of “Night Court. ” that executive produced the “Red Dwarf” movie, and also television series such together “3rd rock from the Sun” and “Townies.” His most well-known writing and also producing credit, however, come from the fight TV collection “Malcolm in the Middle” based loose on memories indigenous his childhood. The present ran because that six seasons (2000-2006) and was well-received by fans worldwide. 


“Malcolm in the Middle” Cast and also Linwood Boomer in ~ 100th episode Bowling Party. Image courtesy

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Linwood Boomer spoke to USA TODAY about the genesis that “Malcolm in the Middle”: “At lunch, i would always tell stories about my childhood, and also people really assumed they to be funny, therefore I made decision to create it, but it ended up coming out really depressing. This kid, stuck in this miserable experience. Climate I come up through the creative device of having him talk straight to the camera.”

Since then, he’s operated on various other TV shows prefer “The Mindy Project.” He likewise made a couple of guest appearances on “Malcolm in the Middle” (2006) and also on the show his mam produced, “Santa Clarita Diet” (2018) (4). 

Linwood Boomer’s personal Life 

Linwood Boomer remains a little bit private about his personal life. Us do recognize he married Tracy Katsky, a producer in she right. The pair is energetic in fundraising. You can discover them coordinating fundraisers for California Community structure (CCF). Through the help of CCF, they established Healing California, i beg your pardon provides totally free medical, dental, and vision treatment to Californians in need, focusing on homeless veterans. In heal California’s an initial ten months, they’ve served an ext than 1,000 people. (5)

Linwood Boomer’s Awards and Accolades 

Linwood has received nominations for several awards, consisting of Primetime Emmy Awards because that Outstanding series for “Night Court” in 1984 and for “Malcolm in the Middle” in 2001, and also a WGA nomination because that “The Mindy Project” in 2012. He winner both the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2000 and also the Nova Awards most Promising Producer in television in 2001 because that “Malcolm in the Middle.” (6)


To “Little home on the Prairie” fans, Linwood Boomer will always be the encouraging and supportive Adam Kendall, that taught mar that she didn’t require her eyesight to see the great in those around her.

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