Cast steel is a ferrous alloy i m sorry has more than 2% carbon in it. Despite it have the right to have any kind of percentage of carbon in between 2% to 6.67%, but virtually it is in between 2% to 4% only.

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It has obtained its name due to its excellent casting qualities. The is hard and also brittle.

There is a simple difference between cast iron and steel. Steel has less 보다 1% carbon and cast steel contains an ext than 2% carbon.

Other alloying elements which are normally used in the are

Manganese: rises resistance come wear and also abrasionsChromium: rises hardenability, stay resistance, corrosion and oxidation resistanceNickle: boosts tensile strengthTungsten: it increases warm hardness and also hot strengthMolybdenum: rises hardenabilityVanadium: increases hardenability and hot hardnessSilicon: rises hardenability and also electrical resistivityAluminum: works as deoxidizer in steelTitanium: works as deoxidizer in steelNiobium: it reduces hardenability and also increases ductility, which outcomes in increased influence strengthCobalt: that reduces hardenability and also resists softening in ~ elevated temperatures

Types of actors iron


In the over table you can uncover the ingredient of different varieties of actors irons

Following are some important types of it

GreyDuctileCompacted graphiteWhiteMalleableAbrasion resistantNodular or spheroidalAustenitic

Now we will talk about properties of every of lock briefly.

White actors iron

Carbon is existing here in the form of iron carbide (Fe3C).

Its properties are

It has High compressive strengthIt is daunting to machineIt has an excellent hardnessIt has Resistance to wear

Gray actors iron

Carbon below is mostly in the type of graphite. It is inexpensive.

Its properties are

It has great machinabilityIt has great resistance to galling and also wearIt has high compressive strengthIt is brittle

Ductile cast iron

Its properties are

It has actually High ductilityIt has actually High strength

Malleable cast iron

They room made malleable through the assist of annealing. They are provided to make parts where forging is high-quality like, brake supports, hubs of wagon wheel etc. They space in expensive.

Its nature are

They have High ductilityThey are tougher than gray actors ironThey can be twisted or bent there is no fractureThey have fantastic machining capabilities

5. Nodular or spheroidal actors iron

Here graphite is existing in the kind of spheres or nodules.

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Its nature are

They have high tensile strengthThey have an excellent elongation properties

Advantages of actors iron

It is obtainable in large quantities, hence developed in fixed scale. Tools compelled for casting procedure are relatively cheap and also inexpensive. This results right into low cost of its products.It has three to five times much more compression strength compared to steelIt has an excellent machinability (gray actors iron)It has terrific anti-vibration (or damping) properties hence it is offered to make maker framesIt has an excellent SensibilityIt has terrific resistance to wearIt has constant Mechanical properties between 20 to 350 level CelsiusIt has really low notch sensitivityIt has Low anxiety concentrationIt bears low costIt has actually DurabilityIt has actually Resistance to deformation

Disadvantages of cast iron

It is vulnerable to rustingIt has negative tensile strengthIts components are ar sensitive, this is as result of slow cooling of special sections.failure that Its parts is sudden and also total, it does not exhibit yield point.It has actually poor impact resistanceCompared to steel it has negative machinabilityIt has actually High load to stamin ratioIt has actually High brittlenessIt is non machinable (white actors iron)

Applications of cast iron

It is provided in making adhering to things

It is offered in making pipes, come carry an ideal fluidsIt is offered in making different machinesIt is offered in make pots pans and utensilsIt is supplied in do anchor for ships.

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