Many primary players that printers will be captured in a dilemma before buying a printer. There room a range of printers top top the market, the most basic ones space inkjet printers and laser printers. What have to I select for inkjet printers or laser printers? The crucial is what features you need and where you usage them.

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Before we comment on their differences, let's have actually a preliminary knowledge of them:

What is an inkjet printer?


Inkjet press is a popular choice to meet the requirements of residence printing. They produce images by exactly spraying countless tiny fall of squid onto paper, and inkjet printers are regularly used to print photos.

Inkjet printers normally use color ink cartridges, which are Tri-Color and also Individualcolor, i beg your pardon can administer us with vibrant pictures.

What is a laser printer?


Laser printers usage toner, a powder the melts ~ above paper, to create permanent images.

Laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers and also use an ext expensive toner cartridges, yet in the lengthy run, they space still a much more economical option since of their lower single page cost and faster printing speed.

Advantages and also disadvantages the laser printer and also inkjet printer

The complying with are the advantages and defect of laser printers and inkjet printers that ns have merged with the suffer of numerous users. These data will help you find the printer that works finest for you. Please have actually a look.

Laser Printer

Inkjet Printer


Long life

Low cost

Fast to press speed

Good for photo printing

Long-term non-printing result will no change

Will not cause damage come the human being body

Suitable because that mass printing, short cost

Environmentally friendly

The device is reasonably stable

Suitable for small prints

Low quality demands for paper


High initial invest cost

Slower print speed

Colortoner cartridgeare expensive

Need to publish regularly, otherwise the nozzle will be simple to block

Toner is harmful to humans

High quality demands for paper

Will reason environmental pollution and also release ozone

Late maintain is an ext troublesome

In summary, if you publish less, take images as the main print and also have higher quality requirements, but don't treatment much about its print speed, climate inkjet printers will be the best choice. Many of the demands of this kind are home users, tiny businesses, and also so on.

If you must print a big number that black and also white message files and also have higher requirements for speed, climate the black and also white laser printer, such together HP LaserJet agree M401n printer will be much more suitable because that you. The HP 80x cf280x toner cartridge offered in the HP LaserJet M401n laser printer is inexpensive (2pk just Colst $33.99) and has a huge number of pages (at least 6900 pages deserve to be printed).

Also, if you want to print color pictures at home, that is recommended the you buy one inexpensive shade Inkjet printer, Such as Canon PIXMA TS6220 Inkjet Printer. The print volume that theCanon PGI-280XL squid cartridgesused in this Canon printer is reasonably less 보다 the HP 80x cf280x supplied in the HP LaserJet M401n laser printer, It can print at least 400 pages.

So,Deciding whether you must use an inkjet press or a laser printer counts on what you want to print, the quantity of printing, and also the lot you space willing to invest on printing. Inkjet printers are finest used to procedure small batches of photo files, such together photos and school projects. However, if you are searching for a printer that have the right to handle a large number the text-based documents, a laser printer is a much more efficient and also economical choice.

Cost difference in between laser printer and inkjet printer

The investment of laser press is high, but the price of inkjet printer is reasonably low. The key reason is the the life of laser printer have the right to reach 5 years, when the life of inkjet press is short, normally 3 years.

In addition, the price of print consumables is also crucial consideration once purchasing printers. The laser printer provides toner cartridges, i m sorry is generally expensive, but fairly speaking, the page yield is also much more and the business life is longer. It is typically replaced every 3-4 months. Inkjet printer supplies ink cartridge, i beg your pardon is usually lower than toner cartridge in price, but it demands to be changed frequently since of its page yield is lower and also the life is shorter.

It seems that the price of toner cartridge is higher, yet it actually more cost-effective. Why?

All this comes down to the expense of the press cartridge every page.

What is the price per page?

Cost per web page = squid cartridge price / ink cartridge page yield

HP LaserJet agree M401n

Canon PIXMA TS6220


HP 80X

Canon PGI-280XL

Page Yield


400 Pages




Cost every page

2.8 cents per page

6.2 cents per page

* The cartridge prices room OEM price

As have the right to be viewed from the over chart, the expense per page of HP 80X Tonercartridge is much lower 보다 that the Canon PGI-280XL Inkcartridge.

If you desire to save more on the press cartridge, compatible cartridges space your finest choice.

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HP LaserJet agree M401n

Canon PIXMA TS6220


HP 80X

Canon PGI-280XXL

Page Yield

6900 Pages

600 Pages




Cost per page

0.29 cents

1.67cents per page

* The cartridge prices are compatible cartridge price

Original HP 80XCartridge: $196.99 Compatible HP 80XCartridge:$19.99

That’s a price difference of$177.00!

* compatible press cartridge price is just 10-30% the the initial price, however the printing result is almost comparable with the original. That’s why you deserve to save an ext by using compatible cartridges.