The surreal world of Alice In Wonderland and also the an imaginative vision that Tim Burton room such a organic fit that i am virtually shocked it has taken this long to come about. If the pan reaction native the very first look in ~ Disney and also Burton"s latest endeavor is any kind of indication, the mix is yielding even far better results that could be imagined. Fortunately, Mr. Burton take it time indigenous his production schedule to display off his latest project, and also to prize a few of our questions. Discover out what Tim had actually to say around other Wonderland movies, his take on the stories, and also if there"s other fishy walk on between Alice and also the Mad baht after the break.

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Tim Burton an initial read Lewis Carroll"s Alice In Wonderland somewhere between the periods of 8 and 10. "I feel a weird link to it and also life," he stated as he spoke of just how the personalities in Wonderland "represent aspects of the person psyche." Indeed, it seems that this characters and also their "strong, dreamlike imagery" is what yes, really attracted Burton to the project. "The actual attempt," that continued, "was to shot and do Alice a story, and not a collection of events." He stated that he had actually never seen a version of the Wonderland story he had really liked, stating that the events always seem rather disjointed and also that Alice just seems come flit her method from one instance to the next. "I want an Alice with gravity come her." that said. It seems that this idea of mixing deeper personalities with visual layout is really at the heart of Alice In Wonderland. As soon as asked around Johnny Depp"s role as the Mad hatter in the film, Burton had actually this to say: "Johnny make the efforts to discover a grounding to the character. It"s not just madness. His goal is to uncover a humanness come the strangeness."

an ext juice bits native Tim Burton:

-When asked about rumors that there to be a connection plotline between Alice and also the foolish Hatter, Burton replied with a really emphatic "No!"

-He doesn"t watch his variation as one of two people a sequel to any existing Alice movie. He additionally doesn"t view it together a re-imagining. He states there room so numerous stories in Wonderland, and also he simply wants them to make feeling together.

-A many this movie is based roughly the Jabberwocky stories.

-He says they are using numerous different visual result techniques in the movie, but preventing doing movement capture. He defines the visuals together a "new mixture of live activity and pure animation."

-The movie was not shot in aboriginal 3D. "It"s a mixture that things," says Burton. "The approaches we room using gave us much an ext freedom to obtain depth and layers." the does believe, however, that 3D will include an exciting element to the film. "In Alice, with all the growing and shrinking and also space, (3D) have the right to really aid enhance the experience."

-Mr. Burton is tho planning on law Dark Shadows as his next film. He additionally says he has several the his own original story ideas on the ago burner, though nothing is in the works now.

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