Subject Complement

A subject complement is a indigenous or phrase that follows a linking verb and identifies or explains the subject.

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(Note: A linking verb is a verb offered to link a topic to a new identity or description. Typical examples room to be, come become, come appear, come feel, to look, to smell, and also to taste.)
A subject match is one of two people an adjective, a noun, or a pronoun.

Easy examples of subject Complements

In the instances below, the linking verbs are in bold and the topic complements are shaded:Ben is
a policeman.(The linking verb is is (i.e., the verb come be). The subject complement identifies the subject Ben. It is a noun.)He will be fine.(The linking verb is will certainly be (i.e., the verb to be). The subject enhance describes the topic He. That is one adjective.)I am he.(The linking verb is am (i.e., the verb to be). The subject complement identifies the subject I. That is a pronoun.)That pie looks scorched to a cinder.(The linking verb is looks. The subject enhance describes the subject That pie. It is one adjective. Don"t forget adjectives (just favor nouns) additionally come in the type of phrases.)Read more about adjective phrases.Read an ext about noun phrases.

More examples of topic Complements

Here room some more examples of topic complements:Ella was
a ghost. She showed up at 12 and also looked stunning.Opportunity is missed by many people due to the fact that it is dressed in overalls and looks like occupational . (Thomas A Edison, 1847-1931) (Remember that adjectives and also nouns can come in the creates of adjective phrases and noun paragraph too.)If you put butter and also salt top top popcorn, that tastes choose salty butter. (Terry Pratchett)As for me, except for an occasional love attack, ns feel as young as I ever did. (Robert Benchley, 1889-1945)

Why have to I Care around Subject Complements?

Subject complements do not cause many writing mistakes for native English speakers. In other words, we"re great at subject complements. However, if you"re finding out a language (like Russian) that puts its complements in a different case (the instrumental case in the case of Russian), then you can want to pay a bit more attention to spotting complements.Here space two problems related to subject complements.

(Issue 1) Don"t usage an adverb together a topic complement.

A subject complement is one adjective, noun, or pronoun. It"s never ever an adverb.This soup tastes badly.(Tastes is a linking verb. Bad is one adverb, which can"t be offered as a subject complement.)This soup tastes bad. (Bad is an adjective.)It is ironic the this failure is most commonly made by people who consciously think around whether they need to be using adjectives or adverbs. Learning that adverb modify verbs (like tastes), lock opt for an adverb. However, tastes is a linking verb, which method we require a indigenous to change the subject. And, that"s why we need an adjective.Your hair smells wonderfully. (Smells is a linking verb. Wonderfully is an adverb, i beg your pardon can"t be offered as a subject complement.)Your hair smells wonderful. (Wonderful is one adjective.)

(Issue 2) You deserve to say "It is I" or "It is me."

Those who firmly insist on composing "It is I" or "It to be he" have tradition on their side due to the fact that subject complements were traditionally written in the subjective instance (e.g., I, she, and he) not in the objective instance (e.g, me, her and him). However, those who"d quite write "It is me" or "It to be him" have typical usage on their side.So, if friend think "It to be I" doesn"t sound pretentious, usage that construction. If friend think that does, don"t. Everyone"s a winner.

Key Points

Use one adjective not an adverb after a linking verb.She watch amazingly. She watch amazing. Write "It was I" if you like. If girlfriend can"t bear exactly how that sounds, write "It to be me."
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