Have you ever thought ducks are male or female? What would they be called on the behalf of their gender? Are they able to change their gender? How are they able to do that if this is possible? We will help you out. 

What is a male duck called? A male duck is called Drake. If a male duck is young then it will be called a duckling but a mature duck is called a drake. Male ducks have a green colored head while their wings are grey which makes them extremely attractive and eye-catching. 

Ducks can live in the water and on land both but they like to swim in the freshwater. A duck has webbed feet that enable it to swim by pushing the water backward. Unlike female ducks, male ducks give more of a one or two-toned quack sound.

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Different Names of Male DuckMale Duck Facts Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Different Names of Male Duck

Did you know that ducks even respond to their names when trained properly? Surprising! Ducks are trainable and with a bit of training, they learn to return back to their pens on time.


Adorable cotton balls! Yes, that’s a duckling for sure. Duckling is the name of a young duck. You can’t call an adult or old duck a duckling. Do you have ducklings? Cool! You can buy Manna Pro Duck Starter Grower Crumble as a snack.


What a manly name! Drake is a renowned term to mention a mature male duck. Drakes can belong to any species.

Male Duck Facts 

Grumpy little boss! Male ducks are bossy when it comes to their behavior with other ducks most of the time. Not only do they show aggression towards other drakes in the breeding season but also sometimes with female ducks during mating as they force them to copulate. Bad manners!

Physical appearance: Whenever we see ducks, this question readily arises are they males or females? To answer this query of yours, male ducks have more of a shiny and flashy appearance as it consists of a very colorful scheme as compared to female. They have a darker color head with a ring around the neck. They have tail feathers of white color with a tail that is curled right up. However, male duck loses its shine after the mating season and starts to resemble a female. So, better not judge its gender in other seasons!Bill color: Different types of male ducks have different bill color. The bill color of a Mallard duck is bright yellow while Mottled ducks have a solid olive green to yellow colored bills. Tail with a curled up feather: Do you know? An upwardly curled feather is present near the tail of a male duck. An interesting fact is that this tail is only present in males.Sound: You would be amazed to know that even the sound of the male duck is different than the female.Males have usually a very soft yet rasping sound. Its sound is more like one or two-toned. Genital organ: Male ducks have an elongated genital organ unlike a cone-shaped genital organ that is of females.Ability to fly: A male duck or drake loses its ability to fly once the chosen mate by drake is hatching eggs.


Male Duck Behavior

Did anyone ask about drakes? Well, drakes are grumpy in the mating season. They fight with other drakes to land a female duck. Male ducks have to perform courtships to attract a female duck. The courtship also includes head-pumping, head-up-tail-up and head bobbing. But this doesn’t end here! Male ducks are also chosen by females on the basis of their feathers’ beauty. Watch this video to enjoy drake’s courtship behavior.

Not just this but male ducks also rape the female ducks which sometimes can be lethal for the ducks. They also chase other female ducks besides their own wife. During mating season, as the male ducks fight, they pluck the feathers out of each other’s bodies especially head.

It seems like you will shock the ducks in the park by identifying their particular behaviors. Haha!

What is a Male Wood Duck Called

What is the first thing that comes into your mind after reading the term “wood” with a male duck? Something like woody cavities or wooded swaps right? If yes, then you are absolutely right. They are usually present in such cavities near rivers, ponds and streams. A male wood duck is called Carolina duck. Another interesting fact about Carolina ducks is that at a time they were present in such a wide range in North America that they were known as a national symbol! Crazy right? 

What is a Male Mallard Duck Called

Do you have any idea of what a mallard duck is? It is a type of wild ducks usually present in the Northern Hemisphere. They can be easily recognized and quite commonly found. A mallard duck can either be male or female. But what would be a male mallard duck called? How would you differentiate it from a female? A male mallard is called a drake. It has a beautiful green head with a brown colored breast. The male mallard features are very flashy and shiny as compared to a female who is mottled brown in color.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Can a male duck turn into a female?

Woah! You won’t believe it but the answer is YES! It is possible. Now you would be wondering how? The answer is hormones. It is possible that the hormones of the duck change so much that they can change the gender of the duck.

What Sounds Do Male Ducks Make?

Generally, the sound of a duck that it gives out is called a quack. Male duck sounds are usually more of a softer and rasping tone. 

What is a Drake Duck Called?

The term “drake” is used for a male duck. However, for a wild drake duck, the term “mallard” is used.

What is The Name of a Male Muscovy Duck?

Moschata is another name used for male Muscovy duck whether they are wild or domesticated.

What is The Name of a Young Male Duck?

All young ducks are called ducklings but if you want to emphasize on the gender then you can call it a drake.

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Final Verdict:

Hopefully, after reading the whole article you have a clear idea about what is a male duck called, its characteristics and how it can be differentiated from a female duck. A male duck has names depending upon its unique traits, species and age. Usually, male ducks remain silent but whenever they quack it is more of a low sound, having one or two-toned sound. Female ducks are more into quacking. Male ducks fight with other male ducks during mating season and pluck each other’s feathers from the heads.