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In 1968—the height of the Vietnam War—my dad completed Army an easy training and also shipped overseas. He never fired a shot, yet if it’s true that “an army marches on its stomach,” my dad was among the unsung heroes. You could be such a hero in the spirituality battle. Keep reading to find out how…Why would Napoleon Bonaparte speak “an army marches on its stomach”? the knew a fighting force needs food as much as weapons:

Napoleon’s army lost more soldiers to spoiled food 보다 to battle. He available $100,000 come anyone who could devise a reliable technique of food conservation for his army.While George Washington’s troops surrounded Cornwallis’ British military in Yorktown, Virginia, the French fleet blockaded the bay, cutting turn off the brothers food supplies—leading to Cornwallis’ surrender and also America’s Revolutionary battle victory.On the morning the April 6, 1862, Confederate basic Johnston caught Union general Grant in a surprised attack. Unprepared Union soldiers literally stumbled out of your tents to be driven earlier by a Confederate onslaught. However when starving Confederatetroops quit to eat the bacon food preparation on Union campfires, Grant’s forces regrouped and won.

To win the battle, breakfast is as crucial as bullets.That’s why the army stationed mine dad on Okinawa (where i was born in 1969).With a master’s degree in meat science, my dad is a food expert, and also he inspected the food supply lines because that all 4 military branches throughout the war. If an military needs well-fed guys as much as well-aimed mortars, climate lunches issue as much as launches.

I am thankful for every frontline soldier, and we salute their bravery. The work of a food man is unseen and unsung, however I believe: mine dad was a “supply line hero.” At Ozark—a “kingdom West Point”—our students need a few supply heat trains leaders because that the spirituality battle, and our cafeteria team feeds thousands of “cadets” every day. 3 times a day, week after week, they placed out nutritious, delicious meals because that our students. It’s a lot of work in a common year, however during this COVID-19 pandemic, they’re additionally making dozens the “to-go” meals every day for quarantined students. Our cafeteria crew every deserve a “mess room medal.”This past summer, we uncovered the cafeteria needed a brand-new industrial-sized grill. The old one had become unsafe, and for ours team to store feeding ours troops, it essential replaced. The new grill and also hood—with electric work and also fire extinguishing system—was $32,000. That price was not in ours budget, however the work essential done.The new grill is now installed, and also on any type of given day, food is flying off it to feed hungry bible college students like...

Colton Cockburn, a strapping Iowa junior who fires were stirred through a church planting internship this summer in Wyoming: “There space so numerous who need to recognize Jesus.”Priscila Velazquez (with a voice like an angel and also a heart to match), currently serving as a prayer minister in a Joplin church: “We are right here to honor the Lord."Gavin Boykin, a sophomore from Louisville, Kentucky, who knows his contact from God: “Preaching is the one thing I view myself doing.”

But this future kingdom leaders require your help. Would you think about a gift come underwrite the new grill’s unbudgeted $32,000 expense?

Do girlfriend remember the story in 1 majesties 19? Atop Mt. Carmel, Elijah single-handedly squared off versus 400 prophets the Baal. Favor a righteous Rambo, that bravely faced what looked favor overwhelming odds, and also in the Lord’s power, the prevailed. However when Ahab and also Jezebel swore to death him as vengeance, Elijah fled in fear. He finished up under a desert broom tree, hungry, exhausted and also despairing: “Take mine life, Lord!”

What did God do for his defeated prophet-warrior? the made that take 2 naps and also sent an angel to cook him two warm meals! Elijah necessary a heavenly supply heat hero. “Strengthened by the food, that traveled forty days and also forty nights” (1 monarchs 19:8). Even the Lord’s army marches on its stomach.

So—like my dad because that his other soldiers—would you be a “supply heat hero” because that our students?

Our mission is cultivate men and also women for the spirituality frontlines, and also as unsung as offering a brand-new grill can seem, it yes, really does matter in the “war effort.” Would you you re welcome pray about a generosity gift to assist feed students choose Colton, Priscila, and also Gavin? girlfriend can present your supporthere.

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Thank girlfriend for your partnership, and also in this extra-challenging year, say thanks to you particularly for her prayers.

Yours in Christ,President Matt Proctor

P.S. Every year, ns writefour fundraising letters like this one. Critical December, you offered $63,000 come renovate our L-13 library classroom. In March, you provided $34,000 come underwrite accreditation expenses, and also in June, you offered $46,000 toward COVID-19 costs. THANK YOU—you truly space heroes!