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Free-flow agent because that powdered products

For powdered food products, such as prompt soups, spices and salt, to have the ability to flow freely, a free-flow agent is necessary because some powders tend to clump. This is due to the cohesive forces between the particles. How strong the cohesive forces are, counts on size, surface ar structure and also size circulation of the particles. Generally, the following is true:

The finer the powder, the more powerful the cohesive forces.The more inhomogeneous the flour is in grain size distribution, the greater the propensity to clump.

Other components that may strengthen cohesive attraction space humidity, pressure and temperature. The humidity in the approximately air causes moisture bridges to kind between the particles, which then kind lumps. The packaging of numerous powder assets has a humidity barrier to protect the powder against moisture indigenous ambient air. As result of high temperature variations during transport, because that example, the residual moisture in the powder may evaporate and also condense top top the within of the packaging material. The flour combines through the condensate and also forms lumps. Loose powder assets in bags are stacked on optimal of each other for transport. The press exerted ~ above the flour in mix with the vibration impairs flour stability.

Improved circulation characteristics


Easy handlingBetter silo dischargePrecise dosageHigher storage stabilityHigher throughputFewer manufacturing interruptionsReduced maintenanceBetter product qualityFewer rejectsHigher client satisfaction

Anti-sticking agent and anti-clumping agent


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Chemically inertTastelessNeutral in colourAvailable together powder or fibreMade from vegetables raw materials

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