Ever wonder where your milk come from? i mean, what kind of cow it comes from? There are six various breeds of dairy cow in ours region, and each has its own unique personality.

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Holstein – The Classics

When friend think of a dairy product cow, girlfriend probably photo a black-and-white Holstein. Holsteins do up around 90% the the dairy cows in America, and they owe your popularity come their performance – on average making virtually nine gallons of milk every day. Holsteins are originally from Holland, and came to America in the 1850s.


Jersey – The tiny Beauties

Jersey cows space a smaller sized breed, v soft brown hair and great big beautiful eyes. Yet it’s those on the inside the counts, and they produce some that the wealthiest milk, regularly used to produce butter and cheese. Jersey cows are initially from Britain, and also came come America in the 1860s.


Brown Swiss – The Old Sweethearts

Brown Swiss cows are thought to have actually been around longer than any type of other each other – possibly it’s those century of wisdom that have made this breed so docile. They’re additionally known because that their large furry ears and also for being the 2nd most fertile dairy cows. Brown Swiss cows are initially from (you guessed it) Switzerland, and came come America in the 1860s.


Guernsey – The French Gold

Guernseys are well-known as The imperial Breed many thanks to their gold milk. A high amount of beta carotene – a resource of vitamin A – offers the milk its well-off color. Guernsey cows are from Britain, yet are believed to have originated from two French breeds. They came to America in the early on 1900s.


Ayrshire – The Scottish Warriors

Ayrshires (pronounced air-sheers) used to be dubbed Dunlops. Lock orangey-brown and also known because that being hardy and also long-living. Ayrshires likewise tend to be an ext dominant than various other dairy breeds – I prefer to think they’re representing their Scottish heritage. They pertained to America in the 1820s.

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Milking Shorthorn – The Pioneers

Milking Shorthorns are recognized for being effective grazers the are straightforward to manage, which may be why they ended up being world travelers at an early stage on; they were the very first dairy cows lugged to America, new Zealand and Australia. Initially from England, Milking Shorthorns arrived on this side of the pond in the 1780s.