We’ve every been eat a the majority of eggs lately, if sales data are to it is in believed. Girlfriend love what’s within of them. However did you know your tree love what’s outside?

So nothing toss those shells. Whether you’re growing a win garden or tending an at home houseplant menagerie, there are methods to usage your eggshells to provide your tree a nutritional boost. Eggshells space made almost entirely the calcium carbonate, which our bodies need for healthy bones and muscles. Our plants need it too. And also you can deliver it come them through compost, soil or by making “eggshell tea.”

Clean, dry eggshells deserve to go straight into your compost, says Yvonne Savio, who worked as a master gardener coordinator for L.A. County and runs the website GardeningInLA.net. You likewise can placed crumbled shells in the soil before you place plants or seeds. The minerals — mainly calcium carbonate, though also small amounts that potassium and phosphorus — will slowly breakdown to the allude where they can be took in by the tree roots. Yet it takes a long time for the shells come decompose, so think of law this together fertilizing following year’s plants.

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Plants prefer tomatoes, peppers and also eggplants in certain will benefit from shell fertilizer, Savio said. The extra calcium will aid prevent blossom-end rot. Broccoli, cauliflower, Swiss chard, spinach and also amaranth are also calcium-packed and also could use extra indigenous eggshells.

Shards of eggshell also can be used to keep particular pests out. If her plants endure from snails or slugs, spread the crumbled shells on height of the soil approximately the base of the plants, make the barrier about two inches large all around. Slimy creatures won’t be able to get past the pointy bits.

If girlfriend only have actually indoor garden space, eggshells deserve to still provide your tree babies a rise in the form of “eggshell tea.”


Leigh Adams, an interpretive horticulturist and educator in ~ the Los Angeles Arboretum, said you don’t need to be too specific with this recipe. Rinse the end your eggshells therefore there’s no difficult whites left, and let them dry out. (She keeps castle in the corner of her microwave while she heats up various other things. I leave mine in a container in the back of the fridge.) Crumble your eggshells by hand, placed them in a temperature-safe container, and then to water boiling water end them. Let the mixture “steep,” similar to tea, because that as long as the takes because that the water come cool come room temperature.

If you nothing want little shards of eggshell in your indoor plants, you deserve to strain the shells out and only usage the water if girlfriend want, or leaving them in for the long-term fertilizing boost. Pour the fluid over your plants the same method you’d use consistent water on them.

Decorative plants (i.e., your arsenal of succulents) don’t need as lot calcium as food-growing plants, yet all plants will benefit from the mineral in eggshell tea.

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“It’s kind of choose an all-purpose fertilizer, and also the plant will pull up what it have the right to use, what that in need of,” Savio said.