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Fake glasses are non-prescription glasses. They are periodically referred to as clear lens glasses. They work-related as a fashion statement to add style to your wardrobe. They likewise might serve a objective if they have blue light blocking lenses.

Throughout the years, many type of renowned stars have actually worn fake glasses to enhance their look. In movies, fake glasses are frequently worn by actors and actresses to attain a specific style.

The fake glasses trend traces its origins to Taiwan and also Japan. It has actually been popular since at least 2010. 

Non-Prescription vs. Prescription Glasses

If you’re over 40, analysis glasses deserve to be a need. Reading glasses deserve to additionally serve as a fashion statement. 

The Advantperiods of Non-Prescription Glasses

Many type of civilization select non-prescription glasses for the adhering to reasons:

They are inexpensiveThey are commonly accessible in a choice of formats and shapesThey deserve to be conveniently reput as fashion changes 

Off-the-rack non-prescription glasses are well-known for civilization that require reading glasses. These non-prescription reading glasses consist of 2 magnifying lenses installed into an eyeglasses frame.

Like prescription glasses, these frames offer differing levels of magnification or refraction. This usually varieties from +1.00 to +3.50 diopters. These non-prescription fake glasses may work for some civilization who need the very same refractivity in both eyes or have the right to see in simply one eye.

Warby Parker allows you choose 5 frames to test out for 5 days and ships them to you—for free! Discover even more about their Home Try-On Program.

However before, the majority of world are better off investing in a expert eye exam rather, particularly if they require reading glasses.

Non-prescription glasses have their advantages. But by wearing them, they can reason human being to delay or even prevent undergoing constant eye exams.

The Disbenefits of Non-Prescription Glasses

Even if you’re a great candiday for non-prescription glasses, professional advice is recommfinished. While some claims ban the sale of eye lenses with refraction over +3.50 diopters, it’s feasible to purchase them virtual. But it isn’t recommfinished to buy better worths without medical advice. 

If you require a different correction for each eye or have astigmatism, prescription lenses are even more suitable. The last refers to irregularities in the lens or cornea of your eye.

Over-the-respond to eyeglasses offer the exact same prescription in both lenses, even though the majority of world have actually one eye stronger than the various other. 

Eyeglasses bought via an eye doctor, on the other hand, are customized to suit the prescription your eyes require. Fake glasses via magnifying lenses likewise cannot correct nearsightedness or astigmatism. In such situations, bifocal or gradual eyeglasses are a much more suitable choice.

Why Is Fake Eyewear Trending?

The fake eyeglasses trfinish got to the United States and also shortly after it hit the sporting activities scene in 2012. This was when sporting activities stars choose Lebron James and also Rusmarket Westbrook started wearing thick-rimmed non-prescription eyeglasses. The fake eyeglasses worn by these stars add to a ‘nerdy-chic’ look supported by backpacks, cardigans, and also plaid socks.

Since 2012, teenagers, “tweens,” college students, and also adults have kept up via the trend.

Are Fake Eyeglasses Harmful?

Fake eyeglasses through non-magnifying glass, plastic, or nopoint at all won’t harm your vision.

However, non-prescription glasses through magnifying lenses might have actually high quality concerns. Polycarbonate and other materials provided to create prescription lenses are commonly defect-free or close to it. 

Over-the-respond to fake glasses via magnifying lenses might have tiny bubbles or imperfections in the lenses. While you may not notice these maremperors, they can influence your eyesight. 

Imperfections can make it more hard to watch. 

Popular Types of Fake Glasses Frames


Fake eyeglasses are popular, and there are miscellaneous kinds of fake glasses frames easily accessible. There are plenty of different framework materials, styles, forms, and also looks easily accessible from gold aviators to cat-eye frames to tortoiseshell hipster eyeglasses.

These fake eyeglasses are obtainable in assorted sizes to suit various confront forms.

Here are some of the many well-known types of fake glasses frames, all obtainable without a prescription.

Cat eye glassesRetro style glassesGeek or nerd glassesRimmuch less glassesUnisex glassesVintage round glassesRhinestone-studded glassesHorn rimmed glassesRose gold glasses

Costs of Fake Glasses & Wbelow To Buy Them

If you desire to experiment via fake eyeglasses, there are plenty of areas to buy them. Depfinishing on the retailer, prices differ vastly. Some choices are as cheap as $5 or much less, and some can expense as much as $500 or more.

For affordable fake glasses, discount stores like Walmart and also Dollar Tree frequently have ideal sellers available. Amazon is one more excellent option for a range of styles. Higher-end retailers like permit consumers to pick their frames and attempt them on using a webelectronic camera.

For high-high quality options, designer brands favor Tom Ford and also Marc Jacobs have a range of fake eyeglasses. For handcrafted styles, looking Etsy is a great concept.

When ordering fake eyeglasses virtual, many type of retailers, including GlassesUSA, market the option to choose ‘non-prescription lenses’ in the time of the checkout component of the shopping process.

Fake Glasses FAQs

Yes, wearing non-prescription glasses through no magnification is safe. There are no harmful impacts of wearing non-prescription clear glasses.

No, fake glasses are safe to wear. If you add blue-light blocking lenses, tright here may even be a slight added advantage of non-prescription glasses.

Fake glasses are typically called non-prescription glasses. They might likewise be described as clear lens glasses, clear lens sunglasses, or clear glasses.

GlassesUSA is a good option that uses complimentary shipping & retransforms in the U.S. as well as a100% money-earlier guarantee.

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It"s very hard to tell whether someone is wearing fake glasses or not. Strong prescriptions may adjust the appearance of someone"s eyes as soon as regarded via their lenses, yet weak prescriptions will not create a visible readjust. Non-prescription lenses will certainly not produce a visible adjust either.