Jason Masek, Stapleton resident and also owner of Masek Golf dare in commerce City, shows among his street legitimate golf cars close to his house in Stapleton.

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“It’s funny to drive a golf cart and also feel the wind in your face,” states Stapleton resident Jason Masek, who has actually many opportunities to execute so—he own a golf dare (aka “car”) dealership. He can explain the differences in between golf carts, an individual transport vehicles (PTVs) and also low speed electric vehicles (LSV); he have the right to tell friend what safety functions the Denver ordinance on neighborhood electric vehicles requires; and he deserve to tell you specifically what that takes to journey a golf cart legally in business City, wherein he operated with city council once they approved your golf car ordinance. But he can’t tell you, for sure, what a Denver police officer would consider legal.

That’s since there’s a disconnect in between the Denver ordinance and also the state’s meaning of a golf vehicle versus a motor vehicle. The Denver ordinance states an electrically powered, self-propelled ar electric automobile that does no exceed 35 miles per hour and also meets the equipment standards collection by both the state and the city is legitimate in Denver.

Michael Joyce, a Denver city attorney, states under the city’s ordinance the doesn’t matter whether the automobile is a golf cart that has been upgraded to satisfy all safety needs or is one LSV that was originally made to satisfy street-driving requirements. His concern is that the auto has the forced safety equipment, that is driven on roadways with a speed limit of 30 or under, and also the driver is licensed and obeys all traffic laws.

Joyce defines that Denver’s ordinance ~ above golf carts was composed in 1998 and preceeds the state legislation on golf carts and LSVs the was passed in 2009 (SB09-075). The state law specifies a golf car as “not designed generally for operation on roadways and designed to have a speed of less then 20 mph.” The same legislation says, “This article shall not be reputed to prevent regional authorities… from authorizing and regulating the procedure of golf dare on roads by resolution or ordinance of the administer body… The law also specifically says circumstances as soon as operation that a golf car is no authorized, including by a person under 14 years or top top a state highway.

By law in Colorado the state registers and licenses vehicles—and Joyce described that the city leaves that function to the state.

Kyle Boyd, interaction Specialist for the Title and Registration section of the department of engine Vehicles, however, says, by law, they cannot register a golf cart because it was no originally produced as a motor vehicle. Golf cars have serial numbers, which space not welcomed in the DMV system. The VIN (vehicle to know number) on engine vehicles certifies a manufacturer’s compliance with safety and security regulations. Because a vehicle without a VIN i will not ~ be welcomed by DMV’s system it can’t be registered or licensed. And state insurance requirements are attached come vehicles in ~ registration, so over there is no state mandated insurance necessity for a automobile that can’t be registered.

What does every that average to the Denver police? district 5 command Les Perry claims he understands that if yes sir no state group for licensing golf carts, yes no regulation on i beg your pardon to cite a human being for not having actually a license plate. ~ above the various other hand, the understands that having unlicensed and also potentially uninsured golf carts on the streets presents a safety and security hazard—and a police officer’s job is come ensure public safety.

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Jason Masek says once a golf cart has actually been upgraded with all the compelled safety equipment, it’s essentially the same vehicle as an LSV (except one LSV have the right to go as much as 25 and also a modification golf cart can only go to 19.9). The Denver Police web traffic Operations Department argued that when a golf cart is upgraded it can be licensed as an LSV, yet Motor Vehicles says that’s not possible. “What a car is made as is what that stays,” says Kyle Boyd. “You can’t change a truck to a car and you can’t adjust a golf dare to an LSV.”

What’s the answer come the conundrum? many cities have actually made golf carts legal and also have created ordinances to attend to the worries of registration and licensing. Englewood, because that example, calls for that golf carts have actually proof that insurance consistent with state motor auto limits, they require a slow-moving moving car emblem and they must display screen a City the Englewood Golf vehicle permit sticker. Golf carts have to be inspected through the police every three years to gain the city golf cart sticker. The permit fee is $20.