Your dog is being such a great boy, so you search for the treats.

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But none are there. Oh no, you’re out!

So friend fumble around your cabinet and spot the Cheerios.


Can dogs Eat Cheerios?

When you’re questioning if dogs deserve to eat cheerios, space you questioning if lock will injury your dog or if castle healthy? The price will count on what you looking for.

Most dogs have the right to eat plain, oat-based cheerios without any kind of side effects. In general, they will not harm a dog. Unlike foods items such as chocolate and also grapes, they are not toxic.

Many dogs favor the crunch of cheerios like people like the crunch the potato chips. Remember, we’re talking around the Cheerios themselves, no a bowl complete of milk.


Are Cheerios healthy for Dogs?


Although Cheerios aren’t toxicity for dogs, they don’t carry out much nutritional value either. In other words, they space empty calories. Through that being said, they can make an okay treat once in a while in a small portion. Just don’t feeding him a full bowl the cheerios every morning because that breakfast (obviously).

One of the positives is that plain cheerios are low in sugar. Still, too much might elevate his sugar levels, i m sorry could reason diabetes and also other problems. They’re also made v mostly entirety grain oats and also although that sounds healthy, that doesn’t provide anything crucial to her dog’s diet.

Most Cheerio brand contain corn, i m sorry is additionally a common allergen to dogs. Allergic reactions might not be a large change, so friend should additionally look because that itchy paws/skin and also stomach irritations.

Can dog Eat love husband Nut Cheerios?

Similar to level cheerios, honey nut cheerios no harmful come dogs however they don’t carry out any important nutrients. Some human being think that there might be some included value of the honey; however, exactly how much honey her dog gets in a tiny serving and the top quality of it is most likely not great.

Many world think that honey nut cheerios space the finest Cherrio smell to feeding dogs. If her dog has a nut allergy, you’ll desire to remain away indigenous this one.


Can dog Eat various other Cheerio Flavors?

You should additionally remember the cheerios come in a selection of flavors. Back the added sugar content in some brands might not be too harmful come humans, it deserve to represent a bigger sugar spike in dogs. Banana seed Cheerios have included sugar, but shouldn’t cause any type of health difficulties when fed together a treat.

With the being said, you need to stay far from chocolate cheerios because—well, cacao is always a disastrous idea because that dogs. You may additionally aim to remain away native high-sugar Cheerios, such as Cinnamon Cheerios.

Dogs deserve to react in different way to various foods. If girlfriend feed her dog something new, use typical sense. If the reacts, pull far the treat and also don’t feed him the again.


Should girlfriend Feed her Dog Cheerios?

To decision whether or not you desire to feed her dog Cheerios together a snack, testimonial these pros and also cons.


UnharmfulLow sugarStill some flavorEnjoyable snack



No nutritional valueSome Cheerio spices are higher in sugarCan’t be supplied as dog foodBad because that dogs v wheat or corn allergies


…Something to save in Mind with “Cheerios”

Although we’ve stated that Cheerios aren’t the worst snack come feed her dog, yes sir something rather to consider. There’s many brands “knock-off” Cheerio brands the may have a slightly various ingredient deck. Return it’s most likely similar, you’ll constantly want to inspect the label to compare. For example, part brands might be greater in sugar, making you opt for the an ext expensive, brand name Cheerios.

On the other hand, it’s feasible other brands can have less sugar, for this reason it’s worth discovering for both your health and also your doggo’s!

Other Cereals come Feed your Dog other Than Cheerios

As we mentioned, cheerios aren’t harmful, yet they no the finest option either health-wise. If you’re trying to find a healthier cereal to feed your dog as a act you may want to consider:

Bran flakes—they’re high in fiber, which means benefits to your dog’s digestion. They’re additionally usually sugar-free. If they’re as well stiff for her dog, you deserve to soften lock a little bit with heat water.Cream that wheat— as soon as a dog has actually a ill stomach, some vets recommend rice or cream that wheat because it’s soft on the stomach and pretty bland tasting. Top top the other hand, prefer cheerios, that doesn’t carry out any crucial vitamins. That course, if your dog has a wheat allergy, you’ll must stay far from this cereal.


Cereals to Avoid

Many cereals no healthy however aren’t harmful either. However, some are toxic come dogs. The most evident ones save chocolate and raisins. Don’t feed your dog these:

Coco PuffsReese’s PuffsRaisin Bran (or any type of cereal that consists of raisins)High-sugar cereals (Froot Loops, happy Charms, Cap’n Crunch). While these won’t necessarily injury your dog, they space filled v too much sugar because that his diet.


Summary on whether Dogs deserve to Eat Cheerios

When picking a act or snack for her dog, yes a couple things you want to keep in mind. Among the very first factors is health content. The original grain Cheerios doesn’t have actually much nutritional worth to offer your dog. With that gift said, uneven your dog has actually allergies or sensitivities, it shouldn’t hurt them in little quantities either.

Compared to various other cereals, Cheerios space low in sugar. They’re tho an unnecessary carbohydrate for your dog’s diet, but they have the right to be a tasty snack because that them now and also again. If her canine accidentally eats part Cheerios, it typically isn’t a cause for concern. However, if her dog has actually pre-existing health involves or has eaten a huge quantity, you’ll want to contact your vet to learn if there’s potential risks.

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If you select to provide your dog a few pieces, store in mental the form you purchase. Some brands contain included sugars and flavors, which no great, so wednesday recommend sticking to bland varieties. Return you may think your dog will think that tastes “boring,” you should likewise consider that dogs have much more sensitive palates, an interpretation that they’ll enjoy a low-sugar brand simply fine.