The rare coins castle earn: what space the rare euro coins and also the most valuable lire coins and also how to make money native the sale of rarely coins. Really rare coins, if marketed to collectors or shops dedicated in antiques and numismatics, regularly guarantee really interesting income.

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The value of rarely coins, in most cases, rises follow to their scarcity, as in the case of very rare 2 euro coins, and also their state that conservation. The basic rules for the work of supply and demand are additionally valid in the case of rare coins: the much more the great is scarce and also in good condition, the an ext the value of rare euros and also rare coins rises.

If you have these old lira coins you are rich: here are the most important ones

Like rare lire, rarely coins have the right to earn really interesting figures. Many thanks to their background and your rarity, beneficial coins ensure a support to their income, transforming an object found in part market, in a cellar or in an old wallet, into liquidity many thanks to the sale in devoted shops and also numismatics enthusiasts. There are likewise second-hand sites and also sites specializing in the purchase and also sale of rare coins ~ above the internet. Below we report all the advantageous information and the worth of some rare euro coins and also precious old lire.

Among the old lira that room worth more, the elements that most affect the value space the state the conservation and also the old age of the coin.

Rare coins 1958 lire

Issued by the Italian Republic in 1958, this type of rarely 2 lire have the right to be worth from 100 to 500 euros relying on the state the conservation. They are characterized by the presence of a punishment in high relief ~ above one facade, if the other has an olive branch. A higher value belongs, however, come the 50 lire coin, which have the right to be worth from 50 to 2,000 euros.

Rare coins 1955 lire

With a worth of between 800 and also 1,300 euros, the lire authorize in 1955 room worth a small fortune. This 100 lire coin, in acmonital, steel, mirrors on one side the file of a woman’s head v a laurel wreath, i.e. Italy laureate, if the other shows the Goddess Minerva.

Rare coins 1956 lire

The 5 lire date 1956, although quite widespread, deserve to boast a value of practically 2,000 euros.

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Rare coins 1947 lire

With end 70 years of history, these rare coins worth 10 lire have an economic correspondent, to date, in between 4,000 and also 6,000 euros.