History teaches girlfriend a lot even when it involves sewing machines. Knowing who provides them for which room store deserve to influence her buying decision. Yet like various other department stores, Sears has used a range of sewing an equipment manufacturers to create their Kenmore sewing machines.

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Who Manufactures Kenmore Sewing Machines? your guess might be as good as anyone’s. What we have discovered out is that Janome supplied to make the Kenmore sewing machine but stopped doing so about 6 year ago. Now the manufacturer can be everyone of the following: Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, Cleva phibìc America, and also Daewoo Electronics.

To learn much more about who renders the Kenmore sewing an equipment just continue to check out our article. This subject is a historical an enig that requirements to it is in solved and this short article does it.

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Are Kenmore Sewing machines Still Made
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Are Kenmore Sewing machines Still Made


The Kenmore has had actually an interesting history to say the least. The first year the Kenmore surname was put on a sewing device by sears was 1913. It was dropped in 1919 for some reason however that has not to be explained.

Then in 1934 the name reappeared just to disappear at the start of the 2nd world war as result of material shortages. Indigenous 1933 come 1958, Sears had actually a contract through White to create their Kenmores.

After that, the company contracted with a wire of Japanese manufacturers to keep their expenses down. For countless years the save only available one or 2 models of the rotary format Kenmore before branching the end in the 1950s with 17 various models. That version number flourished to over 100 in the 60s.

Eventually the contract to do Kenmores was given to Janome who organized that agreement to around 2013. Due to the fact that then a range of companies might be responsible for making Kenmore sewing devices if they are still in production.

When was My Kenmore Sewing maker Made


The worth of the Kenmore sewing machine depends ~ above its owner or if a collector is interested in purchasing the machine. Because that some human being their Kenmore is very important to them and also holds a an extremely sentimental value.

Those human being would price their Kenmores fairly high. On the various other hand, if a collector is interested in purchase the device he or she would location a an extremely low value on the sewing an equipment because they desire to do a profit. Shot to purchase the same maker from a collector and also the worth skyrockets.

Normally though, the value relies on the make, model and also year it to be made. For a ballpark figure, you can estimate the the Kenmore sewing machine will be worth between $100 and $500.

A collector might buy that from you because that $100 and also then turn around and sell it because that $500. You never really acquire the finest value for most items uneven it is very unique and the buyer is very motivated come buy the machine.

Where are Kenmore Sewing machines Made


Sears had a many of different companies manufacturer your Kenmore sewing machines. In the beforehand years the firm producing them to be American. White to be based in Massachusetts and moved to Cleveland later on. But when that acquired too expensive.

Sears make the efforts a German firm for a while prior to following their rivals to Japan. Their most recent sewing equipments were produced by the same Japanese agency that make Singer sewing machines.

Department shop that carry out not make their own products will walk to those manufacturers that market them the finest manufacturing price. Sears is like any other room store and would need to have actually a good purchase price so the they can sell your sewing machines to their customers at a reasonable price and also still make money.

Most likely, China has actually taken over because that Japan in Asia in the cheap labor and manufacturing expenses department. However there is no indication that Sears do the relocate to that company.

Are Kenmore Sewing machines Good

That is a an excellent question to ask and the price will count on the experience the client has had with Sears and also Kenmore products. Those that have had Kenmore sewing machines perform in ~ or above expected levels and also for a long period of time will defend the Kenmore surname to the death.

Those customers the haven’t had actually such a great experience will not recommend Kenmore to your dog. Now with the said, the 158 series was made from all metal. This building material made the sewing machine very durable and helped it last forever. They likewise could stitch very well.

The newer more plastic versions were not so good, and also it is skeptical that friend will obtain a most use out of lock if you use them a lot. Part aluminum models were okay and lasted for a lot much longer than plastic ones.

To speak if lock are good or not depends on you and also your experiences with them. Some world will find the lighter plastic or aluminum models to be as great as the enlarge all-metal ones.

Best Kenmore Sewing an equipment Ever Made

Well, if you take it the opinion of experts seriously, climate the ideal Sears Kenmore ever made to be the 1914 model. The experts additionally placed the 1914 version right listed below an commercial sewing machine. In their opinion that is high praise for a sewing machine.

What made the so an excellent and for this reason special? The 1914 Kenmore came with an 1.2 amp motor, a free arm, did switch holes using a template, could do monograms and could use cams to make decorative stitches.

Also, it was constructed out of steel which offered it a long-lasting life span. In enhancement to all of that it can so v jeans prefer they were never there. Yet in spite of all those good features user opinion is split.

Some say that certain 158 and 385 models were much better than the 1914. The thinking behind this opinion is because of much better feeding the the fabric and thread, the belts to be cogged and a lot far better than other belt styles and also so on.

Even despite those models to be made native plastic, their performance was up to their standards and also expectations. For this reason they sided with those models end the 1914. Then finally, there are those that swear by all Kenmore sewing machines.

They think every design is the ideal no matter what year lock were created or what building and construction materials were used. Though they might favor the Kenmores made throughout the 60s and 70s the best. They have their preferences as to why they carry out not prefer the 1914 yet each person will feel much better with one an equipment over another.

It will depend on what type of sewing castle do and also what kind of fabrics they usage that affect their recommendation.

Some final Words

Getting a 2019 Kenmore sewing an equipment may be impossible now. V the gaue won troubles that Sears has had actually over current years, it is feasible that they have stopped contracting their manufacturing out. Or they marketed the brand name to another company.

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Despite this situation, you have to still be able to get components for her older Kenmore sewing machine. Those are still gift made for an ext recent models. Kenmores are still great machines and if friend can get an enlarge all metal model, then you space doing yes, really well. Those should last you a long time also though they were made years ago.