So, can dogs eat pistachios? Probably. However here’s three good reasons why castle shouldn’t!


Is it surprising that world ask united state the question, "Can dogs eat pistachios?" after all, pistachio nuts are a delicious (and healthy) treat because that adults, and it’s pretty tempting to toss a couple of to your dog as soon as he or she is giving you "those" eyes.

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Some nuts, favor macadamia nuts, are highly toxic to dogs, however this isn’t the situation for pistachios. However, just since they’re not toxic, doesn’t average your dog should eat pistachio nuts. Here’s a couple of reasons why feeding your dog pistachio nuts is a bad idea…

1. The shells can be dangerous

You most likely wouldn’t eat a pistachio nut with the shell still on, however dogs are a tiny less picky with their snacks. Pistachio shells that aren’t fully removed deserve to be a real choking peril for your dog, and also even if they do control to sloop down it, this tough exterior is very daunting to digest. Swallowing a pistachio shell can reason digestive issues, which might even require medical intervention.

2. They have a very high fat content

Humans can advantage from the healthy and balanced natural fats the come indigenous nuts such as walnuts, macadamia nuts, and also pistachio nuts, however such high proportions of fat are not a essential (or healthy) part of a canine diet. Also human foodstuffs that dogs deserve to eat such together peanut butter have a an extremely high content, and also should just be consumed as a act in very little amounts. Too lot fat in her dog’s diet have the right to lead to major issues such together diarrhea, vomiting, and even pancreatitis, therefore while one or 2 nuts won’t kill many dogs, it’s not safe for them to eat more than this. Our guide to the finest dog treats may provide you some alternatives if you desire to give your dog a healthy treat there is no the high fat content.

3. Pistachio nuts room prone come mold

If there’s one thing that shouldn’t make its way into your dog’s diet, it’s aspergillus mold. This common mold can be discovered on groceries once they’re past their best, and it’s likewise common in longer-lasting storecupboard essentials such together nuts. Return it’s not so dangerous for humans, this deserve to lead to liver problems in dogs.

So, have the right to dogs eat pistachio nuts? The prize is no. Back they’re not toxic, and a tiny dose won’t attitude a threat, it’s always better to stick come the finest dog food for your pet v a healthy and balanced dose that dog-friendly treats on the side.

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