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Maryland basic Laws complement 1890-1898: Cruelty to animals 1890 Md. Laws 142,198,340 The Maryland basic Laws complement covers the additions to the Cruelty of animals statutes for Maryland indigenous 1890-1898. The amendments sheathe court procedure come implementation of details laws for particular animals.
MD - pet Shelters - subtitle 17. Pet Shelters MD Code, Agriculture, § 2-1701 - 1707 This chapter effective October 1, 2016 states that the will is come enhance animal shelter solutions by promoting humane animal sheltering policies and strengthening ar safety. Prior to January 1, 2017, an animal shelter shall develop a created veterinary treatment protocol for dogs and cats that is constant with guidelines set forth in the many recent combination of shelter Veterinarians" guidelines for standards of treatment in animal Shelters. That very same date, an animal shelter must post on the pet shelter"s web site or in a conspicuous ar within the animal shelter"s facility a created protocol because that reclaiming pets from the pet shelter that consists of the minimum holding duration for stray animals, the hrs of operation, the fees for reclaiming one animal, and also the documentation/identification compelled for reclaiming. Violation that this inscription results in a civil penalty the $500.
MD - Assistance pet - aid Animal/Guide Dog legislations MD Code, neighborhood Government, § 13-104; MD Code, human being Services, § 7-701 - 709; MD Code, Transportation, § 21-511

The complying with statutes consist of Maryland"s relevant assistance animal/guide dog laws.

MD - Bite - Maryland dangerous Dog laws MD Code, Criminal Law, § 10-619 This Maryland state outlines what is a "Dangerous dog." As characterized by statute, that is a dog that, without provocation, has actually killed or inflicted significant injury top top a person, or it is a potentially dangerous dog that bites a person, as soon as not top top its owner"s real property, kills or inflicts severe injury ~ above a domestic animal, or strikes without provocation. An owner that a danger dog need to keep the dog securely fastened on his or her property or need to muzzle and restrain the dog. A human being who violates this ar is guilty that a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to a fine not exceeding $2,500.
MD - Cruelty - Consolidated Cruelty statutes MD Code, Criminal Law, § 10-601 - 623; MD Code, Criminal Law, § 3-322 This Maryland statutory ar comprises the state"s anti-cruelty provisions. Under the section, "animal" method a living creature other than a person being. "Cruelty" is identified as the unnecessary or unjustifiable physical pain or suffering led to or enabled by one act, omission, or neglect, and includes torture and also torment. Agricultural, veterinary, research, and "an activity that may reason unavoidable physics pain come an animal, consisting of food processing, pest elimination, pet training, and hunting. . . " space excluded indigenous the purview the the act.
MD - Dangerous pets - part IV. Animal Control MD Code, Health-General, § 18-217 - 222 This chapter of Maryland laws declares the it is in the general public interest come ensure publicly health and safety through strictly regulating the possession, breeding, and also importation of details animals that pose dangers to humans. Details animals such as residential dogs, cats, and also ferrets; animal used because that agricultural, scientific, or education and learning purposes; and animals provided for windy exhibitions are excluded from the provisions that this section. Any type of person who imports, transports, sells, transfers, breeds, raises, keeps, or possesses any animal which is prohibited under regulation promulgated through the Secretary is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is topic to a fine not exceeding $500, or imprisonment no exceeding 1 year, or both.
MD - dog - Consolidated Dog laws MD Code, neighborhood Government, § 13-101 - 134; MD Code, Transportation, § 21-1004.1; MD Code, herbal Resources, § 10-413, 416, 701, 703, and also 807; MD Code, public Safety, § 2-313; MD Code, health and wellness General, § 18-312 - 321; MD Code, basic Provisions, § 7-304 this statutes comprise Maryland"s dog laws. Maryland is unique in that the state law governs the specific licensing and also other regulations particular counties may take on or enforce. Likewise included are the state rabies provisions and even the regulation that designates the state dog (the Chesapeake bay retriever).
MD - residential Violence - caption 5. Domestic Violence. MD Code, family members Law, § 4-501, 504.1 This Maryland legislation amended in 2011 enables an interim safety order come award short-term possession of any type of pet (defined in ar 4-501 together a domesticated animal except livestock) to the human being eligible because that relief or the respondent. This regulation also permits the court to worry temporary or last protective order awarding short-lived possession of any pet that the person eligible for relief or the respondent.
MD - Ecoterrorism - location 6. Crimes versus Property. MD Code, Criminal Law, § 6-208 This regulation reflects Maryland"s "ecoterrorism"/animal research interference law. A human being may no break and enter a research study facility without the permission that the research study facility through the intent to: achieve unauthorized regulate over study property; transform or eradicate study property; damages or deface research study property; relocate research home in a manner intended to cause harm to it; damage or remove research property; or engage in conduct that outcomes in the remove of research property. Violation of the law is a felony through imprisonment of as much as 5 year or a good of up to $5,000, or both.
MD - Emergency - § 5-614. Vet aid, care or help MD Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings, § 5-614 This Maryland law gives that specific individuals including veterinarians, licensed medical providers, first responders, volunteer fire fighters, and designated local federal government employees who space responding to a speak to in the neighborhood are no civilly liable for any type of act or omission in giving any type of veterinary aid, care, or aid to an animal where the owner or custodian of the animal is not easily accessible to give permission. Particular requirements must be met every subsection (b) for immunity from civil liability.
MD - Endangered species - Nongame and Endangered varieties Conservation action MD Code, organic Resources, § 10-2A-01 - 09 these Maryland statutes make up the Nongame and Endangered species Conservation Act. Under the Act, any types designated under the commonwealth Endangered varieties Act is understood an endangered varieties as are other varieties designated by the state secretary based upon habitat and populace factors. Violators that the action shall be fined not much more than $1,000 or it is in imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both and equipment offered in the taking of designated varieties may it is in seized.
MD - steed Transport - caption 9. Delivering Horses. MD Code, agriculture §§ 3-901 - 903 This Maryland section offers the needs for transferring horses. The regulation states the " person may not deliver a steed in a auto that is not designed and also constructed in a manner that at every times protects the health and also well-being the the steed being transported." Of importance is the delivery that borders the vehicle used to transport the steeds to one level (e.g., no double-deck trailers space allowed). Violation of the legislation incurs a civil penalty in the amount of $500 per equine for the an initial offense and also $1,000 for each succeeding offense.
MD - Exotic pet - inscription 6. Crime Relating to Animals. MD Code, Criminal Law, § 10-621 Under this Maryland law, a human may not import into the State, market for sale, trade, barter, possess, breed, or exchange the following varieties of animals: foxes, skunks, raccoons, bears, caimans, alligators, crocodiles, wild cats, wolves, nonhuman primates, and venomous snakes. Animal sanctuaries, AWA licensed facilities, those holding valid permits indigenous the department of organic Resources, and also veterinarians are exempted. This section does no prohibit a human being who had actually lawful possession of an animal noted above on or before May 31, 2006, from continuing to own that pet if the person noted written notice to the local animal control authority on or prior to August 1, 2006. Violation results in a fine and seizure the the animal(s).
MD - Food company - § 21-304.2. Restaurant patrons with dogs Md. Code Ann., Health-Gen. § 21-304.2 This Maryland statute deals with the eligibility that restaurants because that dog admission. Under the statute, a restaurant through an the end dining area may permit a patron’s dog to accompany the patron in the out dining area. The statute calls for that the owner that the restaurant notify the local health department of the owner’s intentionally to permit dogs in the out dining area at least 30 days prior to any kind of dogs being allowed in the outdoor dining area. Additionally, the owner might limit the quantity of an are available because that dogs, the size and kind of dog enabled in the outdoor dining area, and also may reject and patron with a dog at his or she discretion.
MD - fur - location 10. Wildlife. MD Code, organic Resources, § 10-408.1 This Maryland legislation restricts some forms of trapping. Special, it offers that a person, when trapping or attempting to trap animals, might not place, set, maintain, or operate any kind of snares, body-gripping, or leghold traps within 150 yards that a permanent human being residence. However, the restriction walk not use to body-gripping traps through a jaw spread of much less than 6 customs that space placed, maintained, and also operated fully submerged in water or snare-type traps offered to capture rats or mice.
MD - Habitat - inscription 7. State Chesapeake Bay and Endangered species Fund MD Code, herbal Resources, § 1-705 Maryland law specifically allocates funds for the habitat protection, conservation, and also propagation the endangered and threatened species. This fund has a provision that designates this fund for the monitoring, surveying, and also protection of outright eagle nest sites in addition to other wildlife.
MD - Humane Slaughter - Maryland healthy Meat act MD Code, Agriculture, § 4-101 - 131 This ar comprises Maryland"s "Wholesome Meat Act." consisted of are laws related to licensing of slaughtering establishments, labeling of meat, and the state"s humane slaughter provisions. The humane slaughter provisions state the it is the plan of the State to avoid inhumane techniques of breed boy slaughter at an official establishment. Humane methods include those through which livestock room rendered insensible to pain, through a solitary blow or gunshot, or by one electrical, chemical, or various other rapid and effective means, prior to being shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut. Routine slaughter characterized by statute is additionally considered humane if done in compliance through the act. Usage of a manually operated hammer, sledge, or poleax throughout a slaughtering operation is considered inhumane. Note that "livestock" here explicitly excludes poultry or other fowl. A human who violates this ar is guilty the a misdemeanor and also on conviction is topic to a fine not exceeding $100 because that each violation.
MD - hunting - subtitle 9. Captive Wildlife. MD Code, herbal Resources, § 10-901 - 911 This Maryland statute says that the is in the state"s public interest to preserve native varieties by strictly regulating the possession, importation, exportation, breeding, raising, protection, rehabilitation, hunting, killing, trapping, capture, purchase, or revenue of specific wildlife which pose a possibility of damage to indigenous wildlife.
MD - searching - location 10. Wildlife. MD Code, organic Resources, § 10-422 This regulation reflects Maryland"s hunter harassment provision. If on private land that is owned by an additional person or in a searching area ~ above land regulated by the Department, a person may not intentionally interfere through the lawful taking of wildlife or harass, drive, or disturb any game animal intentionally because that the function of disrupting a lawful hunt. A organic Resources officer or other police officer who has actually probable reason to think that a person has actually violated the section may order the human to leaving the area or arrest that human if that or she refuses to leave.
MD - Hunting, internet - § 10-426. Searching with firearms or devices via Internet connection prohibited MD Code, natural Resources, § 10-426 This state prohibits searching via the web with the state of Maryland. Violation the the statute could an outcome in a misdemeanor conviction, a fine no exceeding $10,000, imprisonment, and also hunting license revocation.
MD - immune - § 5-614. Veterinary aid, treatment or assistance MD Code, Courts and also Judicial Proceedings, § 5-614 This law gives immunity to details licensed professionals including veterinarians, medical treatment licensees, an initial responders, and specific local government employees for offering veterinary aid, care, or aid (without a charging a fee) to animals at the step of one emergency or in transit come a vet facility. The noted persons under the statute room not civilly liable for any type of act or omission in giving any veterinary aid, care, or aid to an pet where the owner or custodian that the pet is not obtainable to grant permission.
MD - licenses - post 24. Political Subdivisions--Miscellaneous Provisions. MD Code, neighborhood Government, § 13-115 This law, enacted in 2013, replaces a former section that encountered the to run at big of dogs. The brand-new section involves Calvert County and also establishes guidelines for the issuance of dog and also kennel licenses and also dog tags. The "Animal problem Hearing Board" was additionally created under this law. The Board"s duty is come "resolve disputes and also controversies arising under animal control ordinances embraced under subsection (c) the this section." The law also makes a dog to run at big in Calvert County without a effectively attached licensed a "nuisance," subject to seizure, detention, and also euthanasia. A holding period for seized dog (72 hours) is additionally established under the brand-new law.
MD - Lien - § 16-701. Veterinarian's civil liberties MD Code, advertisement Law, § 16-701 This Maryland law is the state"s veterinarian lien law. An alert for solutions rendered by a qualified vet or advertising boarding kennel operator may be provided in person, through registered or certified mail or, if the owner"s deal with is unknown, by posting the an alert for 10 work on the door that the courthouse or on a bulletin board in the instant vicinity that the courthouse the the county wherein the pet is located. If the animal is no claimed and also taken by the owner in ~ 10 work of the day the an alert is provided or posted, the owner forfeits his title to the animal.
MD - Liens - § 16-401. Lien for care or custody Md. Password Ann., Com. Law § 16-401 Under Maryland law, any type of person that owns or operates a livery stable or other establishment who gives care or custody to livestock will have a lien on the breed cub for any reasonable fee relating to: board and also custody, training, veterinarian and also blacksmith service, and other maintain expenses. If the lien is not paid in ~ 30 days after payment is due, the owner of the livery steady is entitled to offer the livestock.
MD - pet Injuries, loss - § 11-110. Loss for injuries or death caused to pets MD Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings, § 11-110 This Maryland statute gives that the measure up of damages for tortious injury or fatality to a pet is the market value of the pet prior to the injury, or the price of veterinary care that does not exceed $7,500.
MD - pet Sales - pet Purchaser security MD Code, company Regulation, § 19–701 to 19–707 In 2020, Maryland revamped this thing on the retail sale that cats and dogs. Under the amendments, a sleeve pet store may not sell for sale or otherwise move or dispose of cat or dogs. This section might not be understood to prohibit a retail pet store from collaborating with an animal welfare organization or animal control unit come offer space for this entities to showcase cats or dogs because that adoption. The transforms effectively nullified the state"s pets purchaser defense act. Violation of the chapter is an unfair or deceptive trade exercise within the meaning of title 13 of the Commercial regulation Article.
MD - Pet trust - §Title 14. Trusts. MD Code, Estates and also Trusts, § 14.5-407 Maryland spread its initial "pet trust" law in 2009. The law was climate repealed and reenacted in 2015 under a different section. Under the law,a trust may be produced to provide for the treatment of an pet alive during the lifetime of the settlor. The trust terminates once the last pet subject come the to trust dies. The property of the trust may only be used for the intended purpose of the trust (e.g., taking treatment of the animal).
MD - study - § 15-101. Adoptions of dogs or cats used in research infrastructure MD Code, Agriculture, § 15-101 This Maryland statute gives that a research study facility situated in the State in which dogs or cats are used for clinical research functions shall take it reasonable actions to provide for the adoption of a dog or cat ~ a determination that the animal is no much longer needed for research. This shall be done through a exclusive placement process for adoption, developing a perform of pet rescues willing to take in these animals, or giving a dog or cat come the rescues.
MD - Service animal - § 9-957. Maryland Veterans Service animal Program MD Code, State Government, § 9-957 This 2017 law establishes the Maryland Veterans Service animal Program. A objective of the program is come refer eligible veterans that inquire around participation in the regimen to one or an ext nonprofit training entities. The room shall pick at the very least one qualified nonprofit training entity to implement a maintain protocol that will certainly teach each program participant methodologies, strategies, and also techniques because that partnering with company dogs or assistance dogs. This entity will certainly also aid select and facilitate cultivate of service or assistance dogs. The Maryland Veterans Service animal Program money is also established to fund the Program.
MD - Spay/neuter - § 2-1602. Spay/Neuter fund MD Code, Agriculture, § 2-1602 This Maryland law develops a spay/neuter fund to finance neighborhood governments and also animal welfare organizations for program to facilitate the spay and also neutering of dogs and cats in the state. In addition, as of 2014, each county and organization the receives funding shall quarterly report: (1) the number of cats and also dogs take away in; (2) the variety of cats and also dogs disposed of, broken down by an approach of disposal, including euthanasia; and also (3) any type of other pertinent data the room requires.
MD - Swap Meets - § 19-105. Sales or various other transfers of dogs or cats at public areas MD Code, service Regulation, § 19-105 This 2016 legislation states the a human may not offer for sale, sell, market to transfer, transfer, barter, trade, or auction a dog or cat at any public place, consisting of a street, parking lot, carnival, swap meet, or fair, among others. The action does not apply to an pet welfare organization or pet control unit displaying dog or cats for adoption or a prearranged sale of a dog by a dog breeder if no a recurring event. Violation results in a $500 polite penalty because that a first violation, a $1,000 civil penalty because that a 2nd violation, and a civil penalty for a $1,500 for a 3rd or succeeding violation.
MD - auto - § 20-106. Duty the driver upon striking domestic pet with automobile MD Code, Transportation, § 20-106 Under this Maryland statute, if a motor automobile strikes and injures a residential animal, the driver of the motor vehicle immediately shall inform the suitable State or local police that the accident. As soon as notified, the police shall notify the regional organization or governmental company designated by the ideal local government to provide the injured animals medical care.
MD - Vehicles, unattended pets - § 21-1101. Unattended vehicle requirements MD Code, Transportation, § 21-1101 This Maryland legislation relates come unattended vehicles (i.e., a human must no leave a to run motor auto unattended). As soon as a cat or dog is left in the unattended automobile of one on-duty regulation enforcement officer or an pet control officer, the provisions of the subsection do not apply to the law enforcement officer or the pet control officer.
MD - veterinary - State plank of Veterinary clinical Examiners. MD Code, Agriculture, § 2-301 - 316 These room the state"s veterinary exercise laws.

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Among the provisions encompass licensing requirements, laws concerning the state vet board, veterinary records laws, and also the laws governing disciplinary actions for impaired or incompetent practitioners.