The closestly Chase financial institution to Charlotte, north Carolina is in Clemson, southern Carolina (near the Clemson college campus), i beg your pardon is around a 2-hour drive (133 miles) native Charlotte.Until August, 2019, as soon as the Chapel Hill ar was opened, Chase had actually no branches in the state of north Carolina. Chase says that it has plans to open up 40 brand-new locations in north Carolina native 2019 v 2022.Almost the same distance away (further away by mileage, but around the exact same drive time) indigenous Charlotte is a follow branch place in Chapel Hill, phibìc Carolina.

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Chase bank is the largest in the joined States as soon as you consider number of branches. With much more than 5,100 branches throughout the united States, follow beats out financial institution of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo, every of i beg your pardon has substantially fewer branch locations.


“Chase plans to initially include up to 40 branches and 80 ATMs in the following three years – largely in the Triangle and also Charlotte areas – and hire approximately 250 employees, giving local customers access to its banking services while creating local job opportunities for residents.”

But if you’ve traveled lot throughout the country, you’ve likely discovered that Chase locations are certainly not everywhere, not even in every huge city.

Charlotte, phibìc Carolina is one of the urban that doesn’t currently (as of this article’s composing in January, 2020) have actually a Chase bank location. However, chase announced in August, 2019 the they are planning to construct “up come 40 branches and 80 ATMs in the following three years – mostly in the Triangle and also Charlotte areas“.

The closest Chase financial institution branch to Charlotte, phibìc Carolina is in Clemson, south Carolina. Close to the Clemson university campus is a branch that’s around 133 mile from Charlotte.

If you go the various other direction the end of Charlotte, girlfriend can gain to the 2nd closest location of a Chase bank branch, situated in Chapel Hill, phibìc Carolina, about 140 miles far from Charlotte.

Chase Banking tasks Not requiring a regional Branch

If friend need access to Chase financial institution services in the Charlotte area, you have the right to still usage non-Chase ATMs (there are at this time no chase ATM areas close by Charlotte either) to access cash, and in many cases, depending on what type of account friend have, you won’t have to pay one ATM transaction fee. If girlfriend have any kind of of the following varieties of accounts v Chase, you are provided the capability to retract money from her account without incurring transaction fees:

Chase Premier Plus check (up to 4 ATM transactions every month are refunded)Chase Sapphire check (no border on ATM transaction refunds)

Chase (like most significant banks) has likewise made it possible to deposit checks remotely using their chase Mobile application on your smart phone.

Chase Banking tasks That carry out Require a regional Branch

There are plenty of banking activities for i m sorry you will need access to a neighborhood branch. For instance, I freshly needed accessibility to a follow branch in Nashville, TN to get a cashier’s check, and also I found out just prior to taking a pilgrimage to Nashville that there were no Chases locations there. Not having a local branch in Nashville do it daunting for me to acquire done what I necessary to without producing the hazard of a potential lost cashier’s inspect after having actually to travel throughout the nation with it.

If you need to be able to withdraw huge amounts of money, you’d should go to a local branch. Also, if you have to create a money order, have accessibility to a safe deposit box, deposit cash, use a notary service without paying a fee, or for any tasks (like in-person consultations) that require meeting through someone challenge to face, you won’t have the ability to do that in Charlotte till Chase installs branches there.

Alternatives to chase in Charlotte, NC

If you spend substantial time in Charlotte, and also you need accessibility to regional banking services, there space a pair of choices you have to solve your banking needs: 1) wait for chase to have actually branches there or 2) switch to an additional bank v services similar to what friend need, and that has actually local branches in the Charlotte area.

Wells Fargo has an ext than 10 places in the Charlotte area. Bank that America additionally has several areas in the area. Those two banks are likely the most similar in regards to size and also banking capability.

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Charlotte is house to several national financial institution chains as well as more regional or local options. If you’re looking for a financial institution that has actually lots that branches not only in Charlotte, but throughout north Carolina, you might find this list of financial institutions with the most branches in phibìc Carolina helpful:

BB&T – 319 branches in phibìc CarolinaWells Fargo – 315 branches in north CarolinaFirst citizens – 236 branches in phibìc CarolinaBank that America – 148 branches in phibìc CarolinaSunTrust – 118 branches in phibìc Carolina

There are also several neighborhood credit unions and smaller banks in the Charlotte area. Smaller sized financial establishments like those space much better at obtaining to recognize you personally and making you feel a component of their ar than the larger banks, who often tend to not view any specific customer together an chance for connection banking, and also whose branch employees tend to turn over in ~ a higher rate, making the more difficult to gain to know them personally.