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Gen 1 Chevy 350. When reusing clean key cap bolts v ARP ultra-torque lube do I talk the bolts come the compelled 70 ft. Lbs.? i did this to check bearing clearance but was unsure if making use of the lube would readjust the speak value. I"m certain the speak value"s in the manual were because that dry threads.
Torque values are never ever for dried threads...that is an absolute No-No. :nono: never ever leave a subject dry, it will certainly gall or tear.Factory torque worths for key bolts and also rod bolts space for object oiled through clean 30w engine oil.ARP SBC main bolts torque to manufacturing facility spec.
So research study this a bit, something i didn"t recognize is if her using new ARP bolts top top connecting rods you need to torque them come the value provided 5 times then use the lube an download the rod.... All the info I"ve discovered is for utilizing there bolts w/ over there lube. I review that ARP states to usage a reduced torque value as soon as using the lube. I"ll stick to what the hand-operated says using there lube. Tho confused.
I"m reusing the key cap bolts the were in it. Just obtained done installation the brand-new Scat crank, smeared assembly lube ~ above the bearings & crank, bolts torqued to 70 lbs together per the manual, used ARP ultra-torque on the threads. Walk the 3 finger spin test an that passed.

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When I had my small block put together numerous years ago I offered the arp key bolts and also the arp moly lube and torqued to factory spec in three various steps and not any kind of issues and also did the very same on mine other build but v arp main studs. I also for arp rod bolts and also head bolts or studs usage what arp recommends through there brand the moly lube.
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