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Title together Time goes By (Original Soundtrack)

writer Various Artists

brand Soundtrack Factory

reference STF 150386

LABEL code 606378

format JAZZ


2-CD SETOne that the most acclaimed classics in the background of cinema, Michael Curtiz’s 1942 romantic drama Casablanca starred Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid. It likewise featured such popular artists together Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, and also Dooley Wilson. The latter sang various tunes in the movie, among them “As Time go By”, which ended up becoming one the the most beloved songs of all time.This relax presents 20 superior versions that “As Time go By”, both vocal and instrumental, performed by together stars together saxophonist Sam “The Man” Taylor, pianists Erroll Garner, Teddy Wilson, bill Evans and Liberace, and also singers frank Sinatra, billie Holiday, Andy Williams, Cliff Richard, and Peggy Lee. In addition, it likewise includes the complete original movie soundtrack, which was arranged and conducted by Max Steiner, and contains Dooley Wilson’s classic reading the the exact same tune.Casablanca won three Academy Awards –Best Picture, finest Director (Curtiz) and Best adjusted Screenplay, and also gradually its reputation grew. Its lead characters, memorable lines, and pervasive layout song have all end up being iconic and the film repetitively ranks near the top of lists of the greatest movies in history.Original music score arranged & conducted by Max Steiner“As Time walk By”, music and lyrics through Herman Hupfeld.Performed through the Warner Bros. Studio OrchestraDOOLEY WILSON, vocals top top 2, 3, 16, 17 & 20.Piano accompaniment by Elliot Carpenter.Recorded in Hollywood in 1942.INCLUDES 16-PAGE BOOKLETCD1: MUSIC STARS execute "AS TIME walk BY"01 as TIME go BY 02 together TIME walk BY 03 together TIME goes BY 04 as TIME go BY 05 as TIME walk BY 06 as TIME go BY 07 together TIME go BY 08 as TIME goes BY 09 together TIME goes BY 10 together TIME go BY 11 together TIME walk BY 12 together TIME goes BY 13 together TIME go BY 14 together TIME go BY 15 as TIME go BY 16 together TIME goes BY 17 as TIME go BY 18 together TIME walk BY 19 together TIME goes BY 20 together TIME goes BY TOTAL TIME: 67:05 MinCD 2: THE initial MOVIE SOUNDTRACK01 MEDLEY: key TITLE/PROLOGUE02 MEDLEY: IT had TO be YOU/ bright 03 knock ON WOOD04 RICK and RENAULT 05 come OF ILSA and VICTOR at RICK’S 06 PLAY the SAM, play “AS TIME walk BY” 07 OF every THE GIN JOINTS IN all THE communities IN all THE WORLD08 MEDLEY: PARIS MONTAGE09 MEDLEY: at LA BELLE AURORE10 ILSA return TO RICK’S11 MEDLEY: dice WACHT am RHEIN/LA MARSELLAISE12 ILSA needs THE LETTERS13 stack CONFRONTS ILSA and LASZLO14 plane FINALE/HERE’S LOOKING in ~ YOU, KID15 MEDLEY: SHINE/ IT had actually TO it is in YOU 16 DAT’S WHAT young name DONE17 knock ON wood 18 MEDLEY; ILSA RETURNS/ as TIME walk BY19 MEDLEY: LAZLO/AS TIME walk BY20 as TIME goes BYTOTAL TIME: 64:26

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