Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia have been finest friends ever due to the fact that they worked on Spectacular! in 2009, and also on Victorious a year later. Now they"re teaming up because that a brand-new project title The Outcasts, a teen comedy that"s part Freaks and also Geeks, component Revenge of the Nerds. The Outcasts begs the question: What happens when the “weird” children overtake the popular kids at school?

Justice and also Jogia pat Jodi and also Dave, respectively — the former a nerd, the last a slacker. Opposites soon attract, and the couple begin dating. As shown by the film"s trailer (and mentioned by Victorious costar Matt Bennett) there is definitely plenty the “Bori” activity for fans that can"t prevent shipping the duo"s iconic Nickelodeon characters. <Note: Nickelodeon and News are both own by Viacom.>

When Justice and also Jogia spoke with News, lock agreed that loyal Bori shippers will most likely dig the film. “I think they can find the satisfying,” Jogia teased. Their characters run in various crowds, but their attraction is undeniable. Castle eventually affix at a party thrown by Whitney Bennett, play by Jessie"s Peyton List. Watch Jodi and also Dave"s adorably aer meet-cute in News" exclusive clip below.

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The clip above is simply the tip of the iceberg. Soon, Jodi and Dave room making the end in closets everywhere. Justice and also Jogia both say your close friendship made intimate scenes less awkward. Together Justice placed it, making out is “just an additional day at the office.”

Victorious fans may not realize that, as well as their theater class kiss on the show"s pilot, Justice and also Jogia actually filmed another major smooch that never made it come air. “Fans never got to see it, cause Dan make the selection to modify that out and go a different direction,” justice explained.

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The dynamics of working with each other haven"t adjusted much from their Nickelodeon days, although together Justice spicy out, her make-out companion “probably has an ext hair ~ above his body now.” all jokes aside, though, what keeps lock coming earlier for much more projects together is the love and respect they have as friends. “We"re at sight close and also it was really cool to be able to share this experience,” justice said.


The Outcasts premieres in select theaters and also VOD top top Friday, April 14.

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