If you"re spring to surprise her v an engagement ring or a wedding band, you"re at the best place. Or maybe you wanna discover your own ring dimension or who else"s. You"ll uncover what you"re looking for here.

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Let me tell girlfriend the good news first. We guarantee her ring dimension for free, so don"t issue at all due to the fact that we"ve obtained your back. If you finish up with a small or large ring at the end, we have the right to resize or exchange it because that you right here at lifwynnfoundation.org.



The concern is that, have the right to you call the average ring size based on height and also weight? Is this also possible? Is this a reality or a myth? Let"s dive in.




The brief answer to this inquiry is yes and no.

Every human being body is unique. Some world with short height have huge fingers and also some others are tall through slim fingers. Top top the other hand, some civilization have short height with tiny fingers and some others tall with huge fingers.

 Here"s the median ring dimension by the form of finger and had size.

Hand SizeFingers TypeUS Ring Size
Small handsSlender fingers4 - 5
Thicker fingers5.5 - 6.5
Medium handsSlender fingers5.5 - 6.5
Thicker fingers6. 5 - 7.5
Large handsSlender fingers6.5 - 7.5
Thicker fingers8 - 9


 Here"s another chart to display you the typical ring size by height and weight.

Height (ft-in)Weight (pounds)US Ring Size
5"3" and belowAround 1305
Below average4 - 4.5
Above average5.5 - 6
5"4" come 5"6"Around 1406
Below average4.5 - 5.5
Above average6.5 - 7.5
5"7" to 5"9"Around 1507
Below average5.5 - 6.5
Above average7.5 - 8
5"10" and aboveAround 1607 - 8
Below average6 - 7
Above average8 - 9


Need a ring size convertor? I link to the ring size chart that you can convert the ring sizes if you require to.


An average ring size number does not median that the ring would fit. But knowing it rises the opportunity of selecting the appropriate size. In order to have the ability to find the accurate ring size, you need some information, facts and evidence around his/her ring size. 

You"ll know how to uncover the facts and evidence too, don"t worry.



My irish Jeweler looked in ~ a arbitrarily sample that 5000 ring orders. The graph above shows the spread of ring sizes ordered by both men and women.

Effective causes on People"s average Ring Sizes

To more accurately recognize an mean ring dimension you must have some very an individual information in psychic while figuring that out. 


Her KnucklesIs She ideal or Left-handed?,Her right PreferenceHer/His gyeongju & EthnicityHer Fingers compare to your FingersHer/His GeneticsHer/His AgeHer/His task or OccupationHer Pregnancy


You have two various ways to look at the ring sizes.


Should you go through the most purchased ring size?Or the most usual ring size purchased overall?


Unfortunately there"s no specific data of the height of the rings to to compare to your ring sizes. What i say is just by considering the usual sense of what I"ve observed end time. Yet we have actually some great data ~ above the typical ring sizes which tell united state what"s the most common ones and also the many purchased ones.


Are the ring sizes of men and women different?

See the chart? Women"s most typical ring sizes loss into 5 sizes. However men"s finger size are separated into 9 different sizes. Almost double. Through that said, guessing men"s ring sizes can be more complicated since there"s an ext "common mean ring sizes" to choose from. So the hazard of going wrong is higher.

As you deserve to see the difference in the chart, the bulk of median women ring size are between the size 6 until 8. However men"s mean ring size range starts indigenous 8 till it it s okay to 12 before it drops in half.


Average Ring dimension of Men: 

If the ring is for a man, climate obviously you should estimate greater ring numbers 보다 women. Men with slim hand fall around 7-10. A slim man can weigh somewhere roughly 130 pounds and also go up to 170 or also 180 pounds if he"s an extremely skinny and also tall. The bigger hand of big men can conveniently be roughly 11 and 12. These men"s weight generally starts somewhere from 160/170 and easily walk up till end 200 also 230 pounds.


Let"s review the Ring sizes of purchase chart given above more closely:


There"s practically no order for guys from dimension 6½ and also below. Men"s ring sizes start from 7 and also gradually get to 8. There"s about the same amount of people that wear size 8 and 8½.

Size 9 and also 9½ have actually slight distinctions with size 10½ and 11 however they with each other contain the bulk of men"s ring sizes. These four numbers stand together on #1 most typical ring sizes.

Although the #1 many purchased men"s ring dimension is dimension 10.

The an enig to recognize the #2 most typical men"s ring sizes may be a tiny hidden in the chart due to the fact that they"re far apart. Dimension 8 and also 8½ along with size 11½ and also 12 are the second most common ring sizes among men. 



Average Ring size of Women:

This is based on statistics of the mean height and also weight of women in many parts of the world. The average ring size of ladies is 5-7 (median of 6). Fine relate this to your girlfriend’s ring size.


If you only look in ~ the women"s side of the range you notice something is different compared to men. Dimension 7 is the #1 many purchased females ring size. #2 most purchased belonging to size 6. And also #3 is dimension 8. It"s funny that dimension 6½ is number $ and 7½ is #5. I said it was funny because the average size run up and also down one after another. Yet in males it"s different.

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As the chart over shows, here"s very couple of women the wear size 3 and also 3½. You deserve to see the women"s ring size starts from 4 and gets to number 7 an extremely rapidly. Climate it starts dropping until number 10. You deserve to tell the there"s very couple of women in the people with a ring size of 10½.




As a very first step, you’ll desire to take keep in mind of your girlfriend’s frame. Is she short and on the larger side through her frame? then you desire to take into consideration the 7-9 ring dimension range. Is she tall and slender? then it’ll be an ext like 4 or 5. When you number this out, our other determinants come knocking for consideration!