Batman: Every Playable character Of The Arkham Games, Ranked The Arkham gamings are maybe the ideal comic-based video games ever made, but how do every one of their playable personalities rate?

as soon as it comes to the Arkhamverse, every video game is native Batman"s perspective during the story. Therefore obviously, that is always the key star of every Batman: Arkham title, however he is not the only playable character. Each Arkham game provides alternative characters to play as extra funny content and different challenges.

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From Arkham Asylum come Arkham Knight, there have been nine alternative characters to pick from. Sadly, nobody of them acquired the same amount that story together Batman, yet were accessible in other modes. Several of these characters had enough gameplay depth to competitor the huge bad Bat, while others lacked.

Red Hood - Batman Arkham Knight
after the unsurprising twist the the titular Arkham article was in reality Jason Todd, anyone was anticipating the Red Hood DLC. Lo and behold, Red Hood dropped together with a new story pack and voiced through none various other than troy Baker.

Unfortunately, Red Hood to be a disappointment. Not only was his story hilariously short, however his combat was awkward. His movements were therefore floaty yet bulky the it made timing combo strings confusing.

Yes, mark Hamill"s top Joker was when a playable character. In the original Batman: Arkham Asylum, Joker was originally a PS3 exclusive personality via challenge maps. With the Return come Arkham remasters, Joker came to be playable because that everyone. However, it"s clean why Joker never ever was playable in future titles.

Joker"s stealth is non-existent and with every takedown, he constantly exposes himself. This outcomes in a most running and hoping the police don"t uncover the player. The devices were lacking and really the only reason to examine out Joker is for an ext of note Hamill"s quips.

Azrael was standing In The Rain - Batman Arkham Knight
The best means to explain Azrael is a watered-down Batman. This, in a way, matches the character in the Arkhamverse because he"s do the efforts to take Batman"s place. However, various other than some brand-new animations, his character is nearly a clone of Batman"s in both combat and also predator missions.

This is specifically disappointing once he never ever uses his knife in combat. In spite of the character constantly showing up with a sword, he never ever uses it. This just makes Azrael feel tacked on.

7 Nightwing

Nightwing standing In The Shadows - Batman Arkham Knight
dick Grayson an initial debuted together DLC because that Arkham City as the weakest character of the game. However, he would enhance upon returning in Batman: Arkham Knight. Nightwing cannot glide, which makes predator missions a bit more challenging while remaining fun to play.

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For combat missions, his melee combat to be vastly improved in Arkham Knight. Everything flowed far better and his devices were given more polished mechanics. Still, contrasted to other personalities there is miscellaneous lacking.

Everyone"s favourite jester ended up being playable as DLC because that Arkham Knight. Harley Quinn is a far better version that Joker in almost every way. Her assaults expose her but she is maybe to gain away or take the end those that spot her with ease. Harley"s combat fits her wild and also crazy personality, and also her bat and also gadgets are satisfying come use.

Harley additionally features more unique aspects, such together hearing Harleen Quinzel"s voice as soon as she"s in her Psycho vision. On optimal of that, Tara solid provides a an excellent performance together she constantly does as both personalities.

5 Robin

With distinct gadgets and staff melee combat, Robin is deceptively simple at an initial but gets far better as the player learns him. Using his staff, bullet shield, and also zip-line take away a lot of practice, make his combat much more challenging.

Robin is likewise given character development through a short but sweet DLC story. It"s a shame that the character is never permitted to be played in the open world; miscellaneous that will certainly be fixed with the upcoming Gotham Knights game.

Most characters in the series feel like modified version of Batman. The is definitely not the instance with Catwoman; she combat, gadgetry, and traversal are all unique. In combat, Catwoman is quickly the faster character, with the capability to leap throughout the phase in the blink of an eye.

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The whip, caltrops, and bolas are additionally all fun to use and also experiment with. In predator missions, she deserve to crawl ~ above the ceiling to spice increase the stealth. Catwoman even received her own mini-campaign in Arkham City prior to returning come Arkham Knight.

3 Batgirl

many of the factors why Catwoman works so well also carry over right into Batgirl. She"s quick and also agile, making it challenging for opponents to keep up v her. Batgirl stars in she own project with the capability to discover a Metroidvania-style map akin to the map in Arkham Asylum.

Easily, it produced one of the best DLC in the series. Batgirl in both combat and predator missions is very fun to play. The just thing disappointing element with Batgirl is her lack of skins, also though she base style is probably the best the character has ever before looked.

This is one of many reasons why Batman: Arkham Origins is underrated. Not only was Deathstroke one of the best boss fights the the series but football player could pick to play together him. Deathstroke attributes hard-hitting and brutal combos that take a tiny time to gain used to but result in a powerhouse that a character.

The best component about Deathstroke is his gadgets, i beg your pardon really make the personality rethink techniques in combat and also predator missions. However, his staff combat is a many fun and is even much better than Robin"s staff.

1 Batman

Sometimes, the original simply can"t be beaten. The Arkham gamings simply would have died after the very first one if Batman was not engaging to play as. Obviously, the series did not die and is still being played by fans every year, along with a self-destruction Squad spin-off.

Batman was already good in Arkham Asylum but over the food of 4 games, Batman"s gameplay evolves. Batman consistently got far better and far better with brand-new combat and predator mechanics, new gadgets every game, and much more polish till he played perfectly in Arkham Knight. Kevin Conroy giving some that the finest performances the his job is just icing on the currently delicious cake.

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