Different kinds that sandwiches may organize up better as rectangles (egg salad) or triangle (BLTs).

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As sandwich conflicts are no to do, a new burning bread inquiry has captured the internet"s attention. User
mikaelftme an initial posed this food quandary come Twitter critical month, and the Instagram account Boys that Can chef recently picked it increase to start the conflict anew:

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How countless bites is a sandwich? This is tough to pen down, but I mapped what I believe the unstable guidelines are. (In mine research, i heard every little thing from "a sandwich is four bites" come "a sandwich is 16 bites.") In a rectangle-shaped sandwich half, there"s one perfect middle bite. It"s surrounding by three okay bites that have one next of crust, climate two edge bites that have actually double late edges. Let"s carry out a load calculation whereby the ideal bite is precious 3, the okay bite is precious 2, and the double crust corner bite is precious 1.

(3 + (3 × 2) + (2 × 1)) ÷ 6 = 1.83 mean bite



A standard diagonal-cut sandwich.
Caroline Delbert
The triangle shape naturally urges bigger bites, and also I"ve split the sandwich accordingly. In a triangle, we have actually one good middle bite, two okay next bites, then one poor bite with double crust.

(3 + (2 × 2) + (1 × 1)) ÷ 4 = 2.00 median bite

What"s interesting is the the 2 side bites the the triangle have to taste much less okay—the proportion of crust is higher because there"s much less of the "white" of the bread in the triangle shape. However the novelty, perhaps, makes it taste just as good.

There"s Something about Triangles

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Rectangles vs. Triangles: The Verdict

I ran a quick survey on Twitter that began out in a dead heat, yet quickly ended up being a slaughter-rule win for triangles.

Caroline Delbert
But people brought up amazing extra criteria. Someone said triangles are right for BLTs, while rectangles are ideal for egg or tuna salad. One friend stated rectangles are finest for structure integrity, when triangles do for the best food styling moments for social media. (Andrew Rea the Binging v Babish swears through the cross section, if food stylists indicate photographing whole sandwiches top top visually interesting bread.)

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And, perhaps many importantly, together a dad with two young youngsters told me, "I will say the the clearly correct price is to cut whatever you"re making right into a complex puzzle for your small child."

PLOT TWIST: A third Option!

A few people responded to my survey to speak they break-up the distinction by cutting sandwiches into trapezoids.

A standard (?) trapezoid-cut sandwich.
Caroline Delbert
How walk this carry out in our math test? Well, trapezoids really tilt every the bite shapes. Ns think people bite turn off the narrow end first, i m sorry is a poor corner bite; climate there"s one an excellent middle bite and two okay bites divided on the diagonal.

(3 + (2 × 2) + (1 × 1)) ÷ 4 = 2.00 average bite

This is the same typical as the triangle! this "third option" folks are onto something.

What the experts Say

Bon Appetit newly did a grilled cheese video where editor tallied who reduced which sandwich i beg your pardon way. It"s not an ideal sampling, because everyone used different shapes that bread, and also the diagonals ranged from full corner-to-corner triangles to slim tilts on sections of baguette or wide Turano-style bread.

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The pizza or grilled cheese "cheese pull" shot is iconic, and also I decided to spot examine one that the just grilled cheese advertisers I could think of: Kraft Singles. The purveyors of fine American "cheese product" date earlier to James Kraft"s 1916 patent for processed cheese, and also Kraft"s picturesque melting and also mild flavor make it best for America"s above grilled cheese sandwich.

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In its commercials end the years, Kraft has shown triangles and also rectangles practically interchangeably. Maybe we can all just acquire along? and also maybe your particular sandwich is less complicated to eat together rectangles. But according to my math, triangles sell the best return on her sandwich investment.

Caroline DelbertCaroline Delbert is a writer, publication editor, researcher, and avid reader.
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