SHE'S a global superstar living every moment under the spotlight, however for some reason Beyonce still attracts the wildest - and most idiotic - rumours in present business.

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Earlier this week, the singer to be bizarrely accused the \"faking\" she African American heritage for \"exposure\" by a us politician.


Beyoncé has been plagued by conspiracy theories throughout her career, including that she provides gestures connected to the top secret society the Illuminati

In a warped Twitter rant end the weekend, Florida candidate KW müller raged that the single Ladies hitmaker, 38, was actually ITALIAN.

\"Beyoncé is not even African American. She is faking this for exposure. Her genuine name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian,\" müller exploded.

The barmy politician also accused Queen Bey of sending “secret coded message to globalists in her tune Formation”.

Unsurprisingly, his remarks sparked outrage among the star's fans - v one concerned Twitter user branding the \"a danger to society.\"


Congressional candidate KW Miller introduced a gift tirade against BeyCredit: KwCongressional/Twitter

Yet it's no the very first time Beyoncé has actually been target by a vile - and also simply ridiculous - conspiracy theory, with others accusing she of witchcraft, staging she pregnancy and also even gift a member the a top-secret society.

Here, as attention-seeking Miller proceeds to re-superstructure desperate and offensive short articles online, we disclose the other baffling Beyoncé conspiracy theories...

Bey's a 'witch'

In one of the most eye-popping theories, Beyoncé's female ex-drummer accused the singer of \"witchcraft\" and also watching her have sex by jumping into other people's bodies.

Musician Kimberly Thompson likewise alleged that the star killed her pets kitten, while demanding a restraining order versus her, The Blast reported.


One wild conspiracy theory insurance claims Beyoncé is engaged in \"dark magic\"Credit: Splash News

Beyoncé's mrs ex-drummer Kimberly Thompson, pictured, alleged the singer tapped her phones and also was affiliated in \"extreme\" witchcraftCredit: on facebook / Kimberly Thompson

Thompson - that apparently functioned for Beyoncé for 7 years - claimed the singer launched a campaign of harassment versus her, making use of \"dark magic\" and \"magic spells of sex-related molestation\", follow to the lawsuit.

She additionally declared that Beyoncé was affiliated in methods of \"extreme\" witchcraft, and also that she tapped her phones and also controlled her finances.

A referee denied Thompson’s request for a short-term restraining order.

She's a mystery Illuminati member

In what has actually been called the longest-standing conspiracy theory, Beyoncé and also her husband Jay Z have actually been attached to the Illuminati society.

The initial Illuminati group dates back to the mid-18th Century once it was established by Bavarian regulation professor Adam Weishaupt.

His intention was to start an scholastic organisation of contemporary thinkers prepared to difficulty the views of the Catholic Church.

Twitter users were quick to to mark Bey's Super key hand movementsCredit: bmmducusin/Twitter
Conspiracy theorists think the Illuminati is comprised of elite figuresCredit: Getty - Contributor

But today, conspiracy theorists have linked the ultra-secret Illuminati to every little thing from the \"faked\" moon landings and the 9/11 terror strikes to the assassination of us President john F. Kennedy.

They believe the occult is now made up of powerful, elite figures who \"run the world\" (like the \"Girls\" in Bey's 2011 fight song).

While Beyoncé has been accused of making the triple 6 Illuminati hand sign - allegedly linked with the evil one - countless times in public, Jay Z's renowned diamond hand signal are stated to be a wink come the group.

Beyoncé flashed the same sign during her 2013 Super bowl performance - i beg your pardon some linked to the Illuminati's triangle symbol and 'all-seeing' eye.

Both Beyoncé and husband Jay Z, pictured in ~ The Lion King film premiere last year, have actually been accused of being members of the top-secret groupCredit: Rex Features

The megastar's music videos are additionally claimed to be littered v demon-worshipping indications - if conspiracy thinkers allege her daughter Blue Ivy's name method \"Born life Under Evil, Illuminati's an extremely Youngest\".

Even Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement v twins Rumi and Sir 3 years back has been cited as 'proof' of her involvement through the Illuminati.

She common the news on Instagram top top February 1, 2017 - i beg your pardon is significant because of the Illuminati's supposed obsession through prime numbers.

Beyoncé has been accused spotted make the triple 6 Illuminati hand sign plenty of timesCredit: YouTube / LadyGagaVEVO

Both 2 (February is the second month) and 2017 space prime numbers - when one, though not a element number, isn't divisible by any type of other number.

Bey's accompanying picture also caught theorists' eyes: she is reportedly kneeling in a pyramid shape, i m sorry is a an essential symbol for the group (with Illuminati rulers stated to be in ~ the top, and ordinary world at the bottom).

However, a year earlier, the aur singer had denied being linked to the mysterious team through the text of she 2016 track, Formation.

 The opened lines state: \"Y'all haters corny v that Illuminati mess.\"

She 'faked' she pregnancy

She's a proud mum of 3 - yet one outrageous theory claims Beyoncé faked she pregnancy through Blue Ivy and also used a surrogate instead.

Reality TV star Marnie Simpson, now 28, shocked fans when she seemingly backed the rumours in her Star Magazine pillar in 2017.

One vile theory claims Beyoncé faked her pregnancy v daughter Blue IvyCredit: Getty - Contributor
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy to visit the 2018 NBA All-Star video game in LA, CaliforniaCredit: Getty images - Getty

Marnie was reported as saying: \"I'm obsessed v conspiracy theories. I don't believe that Beyonce actually gave birth come Blue Ivy.

\"There was a picture where her bump looked choose it to be folded.

\"It was definitely fake.\"

The Geordie coast star to be referring come a 2011 TV appearance where Beyoncé's infant bump looked as if that 'folded' because of an odd angle.

In 2011, an odd angle made Beyoncé's infant bump look together if the 'folded' top top TVCredit: Channel 7
The stunner In Love hitmaker was said to it is in left heartbroken by the rumoursCredit: Instagram

The Lemonade singer was said to be left heartbroken by rumours she offered a surrogate mother rather of delivering Blue Ivy, currently eight, herself.

One source said: “During her first pregnancy Beyoncé was plagued through trolls who declared she was not ­carrying the baby and that her bump wasn’t real...

“Bey put on a brave face at the time, but she to be privately devastated.\"

Other vile rumours have declared Blue Ivy - who is the spitting image of she stunning mum - is in reality the daughter that Jay Z and also another woman.

She passed away in 2000

Bey may be among the many photographed and also well-recognised people on the earth - however some people believe she's in reality a CLONE.

A an especially wacky conspiracy theory cases the star passed away in 2000 and that, for the previous two decades, clones have been provided in she place.

Some conspiracy theorists think this 2016 photo of Beyoncé actually mirrors a cloneCredit: Getty photos - Getty

It's alleged the producers decided to replicate the talented singer making use of stem cell so she music might live ~ above forever after her death.

However, part theorists believe the star died in the last decade.

One pan posted a side-by-side comparison shot online, mirroring the real and also 'fake' Beyoncés sporting supposedly different hairlines and also smiles.

One society media branded Bey's 'clone' a \"high degree masonry witch\"Credit: Facebook

He declared the 2010 and 2016 photos were proof of two various Beyoncés, phone call the alleged clone a \"high degree masonry witch\".

Others have highlighted Beyoncé's near-fall at the supervisor Bowl fifty percent time show in 2016, saying the 'real' superstar would never have fallen.

However, Bey herself has actually said in interviews that her alter ego Sasha Fierce come out throughout performances, for this reason she doesn’t act the exact same at all times.

She's 7 years older

Like countless celebs, Beyoncé has been accused the lying about her age.

The singer's birth day is widely reported to it is in September 4, 1981 - yet some believe she arrived seven years earlier, top top the same date in 1974.

Bey, viewed as a baby, is widely reported to have been born top top September 4, 1981Credit: Xposure

This rumour an initial surfaced in 2006, when someone who declared to work for the Texas room of health and wellness allegedly uncovered her birth record.

If true, it would make Bey 45.

Other an alleged evidence consists of a lack of pictures showing the singer at an awkward teen phase, as well as some vague comment on us TV.

And the star's dad hasn't assisted the matter: Mathew Knowles has actually made part confusing remarks around his daughter's age in interviews.

Dad Mathew Knowles has made some confusing remarks around Beyoncé's ageCredit: Getty photos - Getty

In one radio interview, with The Breakfast club on power 105.1, new York, Mathew said Beyoncé is the \"exact same age\" together Pink and Usher.

The artists (who aren't the \"exact very same age\" as each various other at every - space aged 40 and also 41 respectively - several years older 보다 38-year-old Bey.

Bey is sisters Solange's MUM

Hooked top top the period conspiracy theory, part people believe Solange Knowles, 34, is in reality Beyoncé's daughter, not younger sister.

This wild theory - which counts on Beyoncé gift older 보다 her reported age - alleges the the superstar offered birth come Solange together a teen.

Some people believe Solange Knowles, right, is Beyoncé's daughter, not sisterCredit: Reuters
The bonkers theory depends on Beyoncé being older than her report ageCredit: Getty photos - Getty

In a plot storage of a soap opera storyline, it claims that parents Mathew and also Tina Knowles spanned up the fact Bey had delivered a child.

Instead, lock allegedly lugged up Solange - likewise a singer - together their own.

Though it's unclear whereby the rumour an initial sprung from, it has been claimed that a \"cousin\" has shown Solange is Beyoncé's kid.

She 'made her Destiny's child bandmates change their names'

It was recently reported that Beyoncé' is \"in talks\" because that a Destiny's boy reunion v bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

But according to yet an additional shocking conspiracy theory, the singer is the reason why Michelle and Kelly aren't known by your birth names.

According to The Telegraph, some believe Michelle, born Tenitra, and also Kelly, born Kelendria, were compelled to adjust their names come ensure Beyoncé - who is named after she mum's maiden name, Beyincé - was standing out.

Beyoncé performs as part of Destiny's Child during Coachella in 2018Credit: Splash News
Some case she's the factor why she bandmates Michelle and also Kelly aren't known by your birth namesCredit: Getty pictures - Getty


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Theorists allege that Bey's dad Mathew, who managed the Bootylicious and also Say My surname group, wanted to store his daughter in the limelight.

Yet even if this to be the case, over there were plainly no hard feelings - the nearby trio performed together on phase at Coachella two years ago.

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And resources say an ext gigs and brand-new music can be in the pipeline because that the team later this year, when the Covid pandemic is over.