An synopsis of what we consider the ideal class for levelling up rapid in black Ops 2. As you more than likely know, most of the decent weapons, perks and also scorestreaks space not unlocked until you with the greater levels therefore it"s important to obtain a good head start.If you"re one of the gamers who obtained Black Ops 2 roughly the release day you"ll know that levelling up is among the most important elements of multiplayer, particularly so if you desire to compete versus pro players. Having useless guns, perks etc. Is going come make your life also harder (even more so due to the fact that hundreds of civilization got the game before the start date and also have had actually time come level increase already).The custom course we"re going come describe below is best suited come Team Deathmatch or Ground war modes. Us recommend ground war due to the fact that of the sheer variety of players involved in a single game. Much more players = much more kills = an ext XP. If you want to level increase you"re walk to require to case as much XP throughout each game as friend can.

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MP7 (customized)First let"s start with the gun. Due to the fact that people are still discovering the brand-new maps it"s the best time to strike! capture them turn off guard by using a responsive gun v a high rate of fire. Our an option is the MP7 i m sorry is a completely automatic sub machine gun. It"s light and comes v a high rate of fire. It"s also got a kind amount that ammo prior to you need to reload, meaning you have the right to take the end 2, probably 3 players before a reload is required.A slight downside through the sub an equipment gun is long range accuracy therefore we"ve added the grip and also the laser sight to provide more stability. You"ll discover that the an equipment gun has actually a good accuracy rating in ~ close range so you"ll be able to pick turn off most human being without also needing come aim under the sights. The key to making the MP7 effective is come constantly save on the move and catch football player by surprise. The MP7 is much more suited to smaller sized maps through tight corners and also narrow passageways. If you find yourself on one of the bigger maps (such together Yemen) then you"re walking to it is in in trouble through Snipers if you stay out in the open.

Tactical and Lethal

1 x Concussion1 x GrenadeWe"re much more concerned about picking players off v our gun 보다 lobbing grenades at them. We also want to avoid showing up on the radar so we favor to sacrifice one tactical in favour of one attachment. In our custom course we"ve gone because that one simple grenade and a concussion.


Greed 1 Perk We"re assuming that you"re in ~ a low level therefore the factor you want to level increase fast. Therefore, you"ve got minimal wildcard options available. We discovered that Greed Perk 1 wildcard works the finest for us. Usually the Greed 1 Wildcard permits you to have actually two perks (from level 1). Therefore we can have a lover hardline and the lightweight perk because that speed. Rate is the an essential here as soon as using the MP7 (or any other sub an equipment gun)


HardlineLightweightCold BloodedExtreme ConditioningPerks make a large difference to any type of class so obtaining them ideal is important. In our custom class we"ve gone because that a stealthy, fast class with hardline for acquiring scorestreaks faster. You"ll notice that in black Ops 2, donate scorestreaks such together UAV help with assists and add to your points total. Lightweight and extreme conditioning room the perfect mix for running faster and for longer durations. Remember, we"re utilizing the MP7 so maintaining on the relocate is ours number 1 priority. Running fast likewise makes the harder for human being (especially snipers) come hit you.Cold blooded removes the red crosshair and also name once other football player target you, this is an excellent for staying undetected and reduces the chance of gaining killed.

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UAVCare packageGuardianYou"re walk to have actually very limited options once it comes to scorestreaks early in the game. Us strongly introduce you pick UAV end RC-XD because the RC-XD is going come interfere through your gameplay if the UAV will aid both you and the remainder of the team (who can collect points because that you through assists).The carepackage is a gambling mans an option because the can provide you something pretty measly favor the counter UAV however could additionally give you one of the much better scorestreaks too. Remember come drop the package in the corner of the map when you"re surrounding by other team football player (to help protect girlfriend while you case the package).The guardian is deceiving, the looks quite harmless however it"s really effective when put close come the spawn point of the foe team. Simply stay just external the spawn area (so football player still spawn there)and then location the Guardian in the direct line the movement. Players will acquire stunned and you deserve to pick lock off through ease.


This class is a fast, lightweight selection for players who like to stay on the move. That"s us. If you choose camping in buildings or picking turn off players from selection then this absolutely isn"t the appropriate choice. If girlfriend really desire to level up quick then you"re walk to should go out and get the kills. Make the many of the new aspect of black Ops 2. Civilization don"t recognize the map - they will be less complicated to choose off at high speed.Good luck!