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The Antarctic blue whale is the largest pet in the entire civilization – yet how big is that exactly? In this write-up we’ll study a complete blue whale size comparison versus whatever from humans to megalodons!

When it concerns something as huge as a 10-story building, it have the right to be difficult to wrap your head around. Especially when that “something” is a whale that lives in the ocean you swim and also play in.

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To help you far better understand just why the blue whale is the largest animal in the world, we’ve created images listed below that to compare the blue whale versus several of the largest animals to ever before live.

Types the Blue Whale and Their Sizes

Blue whale contrasted to other giant animals across history!

The Antarctic blue whale isn’t just bigger than various other land and sea animals – it’s likewise bigger than other blue whales!

In current years, there’s been a bit of debate in the science community about what exactly makes a blue whale a blue whale. However, as of now, there room five distinctive subspecies of blue whales that are at this time recognized, each one the largest pet in the world however still differing in size. This include:

Antarctic blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus intermedia)North Atlantic and also North Pacific blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus musculus)Pygmy blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda)Northern Indian s blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus indica) South Pacific s blue whales

Of these, the Antarctic blue whales space the largest, being well-known to weigh around 330,000 pounds, or 165 tons. The biggest blue whale ever recorded sweet in in ~ 418,878 pounds. Not certain how heavy that is? The whole Statue of Liberty is only roughly 150 tons!

Blue Whale Vs. Human being Size Comparison

Stacking a blue whale vs. Sperm whale vs. Megalodon vs. Brontosaurs vs. Human

It’s simple to forget just how huge a blue whale is contrasted to a human being until you discover that simply the tail of a blue whale is 25 feet broad – nearly 5 time the elevation of an typical human!

If you to be to take it a blue whale from the ocean and also place the onto the average expert baseball field, they would be a little bit much longer than the distance from home plate to very first base. Humans, on the other hand, room barely taller than the batter’s box is wide.

Some museums even have replica blue whale hearts the visitors deserve to climb through!

And, since blue whales are as lengthy as two college buses (sometimes also longer) they might potentially fit approximately 80 people. Although, it could be a bit difficult to uncover a saddle large enough to fit one of these huge sea critters.

Blue Whale dimension Comparison come a Megalodon

Megalodons to be the biggest sharks ever, exactly how did they compare to blue whales?

The megalodon to be the biggest shark to have lived, but how does it measure up to the blue whale?

The prize is “not hardly”.

There’s no doubt that the megalodon to be huge. In fact, researchers calculation that they were at the very least 20 times bigger 보다 the good whites the today, v the potential to it is in 50 times larger. Gift 50 time bigger 보다 a 5,000-pound shark has actually ensured that the megalodon will also be thought about one that the largest pets ever.

But they’re still not rather as huge as a blue whale.

The biggest megalodon ever before would be estimated to be approximately 250,000 pounds. The the smallest adult blue whale usually averages roughly 290,000 pounds.

Getting a true comparison with such huge numbers deserve to be complicated though. After all, with humans only weighing a couple of hundred pounds, it have the right to be tough to wrap her head about something that weighs the exact same as hundreds of humans.

Since the megalodon has been extinct for numerous years, it have the right to be challenging to get precise average of how long they are. However, most scientists think that they can grow to more than 50 feet long, v the longest approximates stretching as much as 67 feet. This means that the megalodon is between a institution bus and “Uhaul relocating truck” shorter than the blue whale.

Blue Whale size Comparison come a Brontosaurus

A brontosaurus alongside a human. Think it or not yet blue whales are even larger than these large dinosaurs!

When you think around prehistoric dinosaurs, brontosaurus can be among the biggest ones that concerned mind. ~ all, these gentle dino-giants were recognized for their lengthy neck, which allowed them to graze on leaves with ease (much like a contemporary giraffe!).

Like the megalodon, we don’t have accessibility to a many of details information about the dimension of the brontosaurus. However, we’ve to be able to estimate that castle were approximately 72 feet long and 30,000 pounds (or 15 tons).

The last verdict for this match-up? While the a close contact in terms of length, it would take approximately 11 brontosauruses come balance the range with a single adult masculine blue whale!

Blue Whale size Comparison to a Sperm Whale

Blue Whale under water with sunlight light streaming under from the surface above

The sperm whale is another one the the largest pets in the world. In fact, it’s the biggest toothed predator and also even the largest toothed whale. However, just how does it dimension up contrasted to the blue whale?

Well, with a maximum size of 60 feet, the largest sperm fine barely also comes close come the the smallest blue whale. If you to be to place them next by side, the sperm whale would certainly be about half the dimension of the blue whale. This method that, nose to nose, the sperm whale’s tail is virtually aligned v the blue whale’s front flipper.

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Still unsure that just just how much enlarge the blue whale is compared to your aquatic cousin?

Your average male sperm whale weighs roughly 90,000 pounds or roughly 45 tons. The blue whale, however, can weigh up to 330,000 pounds. For this reason not only are blue whales almost twin the dimension of sperm whales, but they’re also virtually triple the weight.

The distinctions don’t protect against there either!

If you were to take it a look in ~ a sperm whale’s heart and also a blue whale’s heart next by side, you’d find that also the blue whale’s guts are vast compared come the sperm whale’s. The love of a sperm whale is around 40 feet long and over 270 pounds (the average weight of two humans!). When that appears ginormous (and it definitely is), the dwarfs the blue whale’s heart, which weighs approximately 400 pounds and also is about the dimension of a bumper car!