Most chickens have actually feathers. Part have an ext feathers than others, and also some have excess feathers anywhere their legs and feet. Go you understand that the domestic chicken that we have actually today goes together far earlier as 2,000 B.C.? it is descended from the Red Junglefowl discovered in southeast Asia and also some components of south Asia.

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However, we’re interested in the chicken that sports the rather cute and jaunty feathered feet. Lock come from all over the world and also in a wide range of colors and sizes.

So, below we present 10 each other of chicken that have copious feathers, also on your feet, in alphabetical order:


1. Belgian D’Uccles

Image Credit: Wikimedia CommonsThese chicken are additionally known as the Barbu D’Uccles and are indigenous Belgium. They come in as numerous as 20 different color varieties in their native country yet are generally Mille Fleur (which translates to “million flowers” together they are speckled and also orange in color). They have feathered legs and four toes, with only the outer toe that is feathered.

They are taken into consideration an ornamental chicken together they are tiny in size, gorgeous, and also their egg are rather small. The Belgian D’Uccles is a an extremely talkative and affectionate bird v a patience nature and also will love to perch on her lap or shoulder.

2. Booted Bantam

Image Credit: PixabayThe Booted Bantam is also called the Sablepoot, or the dutch Booted Bantam, together they are without doubt Dutch. The Booted Bantam is in reality very similar to the Belgian D’Uccles in appearance however are typically a little bigger and don’t have a “beard” that feathers favor the D’Uccle. The Booted Bantam also comes in around 20 shade varieties (including the Mille Fleur) and have heavily feathered legs and feet.

These bird are periodically referred to as the supermodel breed and also are only supplied for exhibiting because of their tiny eggs and also size. The Booted Bantam is a friendly, calm, and easygoing chicken that have the right to make great pet.

3. Brahma

Image Credit: Emma_Ted, PixabayThe Brahma chicken is thought to have been developed in the United states from fowls that originated in China and also India. This are larger birds that lay medium to large-sized eggs and also come in three shade varieties – light, dark, and also buff. Your feathers likewise cover your legs and toes.

These are among the biggest breeds that chicken and are used for both meat and also their eggs. Brahmas are really docile and also calm chicken that actually do best in northern climates as they room able to take care of the cold much better than other breeds.

4. Cochin

Image Credit: PixabayThe Cochin hails from China and is a big chicken v a ton the feathers that comes in around nine shade varieties. They lay eggs the are big in size and are feathered indigenous head to toe.

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These birds may be big but are really gentle and friendly – the males are seldom aggressive and also can be tamed quite easily. They likewise do fairly well in chillier climates and also would simply as easily make us at house in the garden or in her home.