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What's the Difference in between a California vs. Traditional King Mattress?

The California King, sometimes dubbed a west King, is longer and narrower than the eastern King, which is usually described as a King or typical King.

The typical King is 4 inch wider, while the California or west King is 4 customs longer.

Both sizes come through two crate springs and one mattress.

Mattress Size: King vs. California King vs. Queen

Why to buy a California King Bed?

You're very tall. The California King is the longest bed obtainable and is the finest option for really tall people. My husband, who is 6'7", would have to sleep diagonally ~ above a conventional King but can sleep directly on ours California King.You have actually a long and also narrow room. Some bedrooms might not comfortable fit a typical King—but can fit a California King.

Why to buy a conventional King Bed?

More room to spread out. unless you're an extremely tall, most world opt for the conventional King, due to the fact that extra broad is preferable to extra height.Bedding is easier to find. Standard majesties are more popular and also so you have much more options for bedding. Also, while fitted sheets room made in California King size, level sheets and blankets are not—meaning they may be a little bit too short.

Should ns Buy King or Cal King Sheets?

When girlfriend buy sheets for her King mattress, make sure you buy the correct size. Your level sheet deserve to fit both the California and the traditional King, yet the equipment sheet requirements to fit your specific mattress size.

Unless you're very tall, most human being go with the traditional King bed. Bedding is easier to find and the extra broad is preferential over the extra length.

Questions & Answers

Question: i think I have a California king bed frame. Can I put a continual king mattress ~ above it?

Answer: If you have actually a metal, flexible bed frame, girlfriend should have the ability to use a Cal king or east king mattress (and in some cases, a queen will also work).

However, if you carry out not have an flexible frame, a Cal king bed structure needs a Cal king mattress. Cal king bed frames are longer and also not together wide, so making use of a king mattress will cause sagging on the ends, i beg your pardon will finish up damaging the mattress.

Question: I simply bought a Cal king bed, and also it requirements two pair box springs. Walk it need XL box springs or will consistent twin box springs fit?

Answer: Unfortunately, twin box springs will certainly not work on east king or California king mattresses. A continual twin is 38X74 inches long and also the lengthy twin is 38X80 inch long. A Cal king bed is 72X84 inches. Two long twins together would be 76X80 (too large and as well short.) You must buy a crate spring for the specific mattress. A king box spring will most likely come in two pieces, yet it shouldn't be confused with twin box springs.

Question: have the right to you use a king crate spring through a California king mattress?

Answer: No. The mattresses are various sizes, so package spring will certainly not work.

Question: What is a full-size mattress?

Answer: A full-size mattress is the same size as a twin however wider. It is smaller sized than a queen but larger 보다 a twin. It steps at 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.


Scot top top July 17, 2016:

This is a great video because that king size and more information to read here

Debra top top January 02, 2016:

I have two, crib come college, full size, sleigh beds purchased in California. They had mattresses and also box springs that fit in 2005. The bed have remained in storage because that 6 years and now they have been transport to Virginia and also put together. The new mattress do NOT FIT! Is there a distinction in complete size beds. I need 51-1/2 " every the charts display 54'. Deserve to anyone tell me where I cn get a 51 to 51-1/2 inch box spring and also possibly mattress.

Dee ~ above November 16, 2014:

I can't discover (non-Cali) King sheets anywhere! I've looked in ~ Costco and Target and they both have all sizes other than King. They don't even have price tags because that King dimension (meaning, they're not out of stock). What the heck!!

Puba on might 24, 2013:

I have a waterbed frame and I am placing a classic Simmons pillow height mattress inside . The framework has 2 x 8 lumber side rails the mattress was yielded today and also it is a snug to the right in the waterbed framework do you think this will reason a trouble in the future

Jean on February 19, 2013:

Thanks because that clarifying why world buy california king beds and also their difference. Mine husband and i own a calif. King now and also want to purchase a new bed. I want to to buy a reg. King and he wanted a cal. King again. However thanks come you i now defined to that the difference, and also what's finest for us

snce we space both under 6 feet tall. I gained we king.

L ~ above July 19, 2012:

So, if the mattresses are exactly 4 inches different each way, i do not know you just rotate the mattress ~ above the framework to adjust it native a king come a california king?

kmaskreations ~ above February 08, 2012:

Thanks for sharing. Very helpful and also just what I essential to know.

Paula on January 18, 2012:

I have been browsing the web for a cotton California King blanket. The king blankets simply aren't long sufficient if you have a special mattress. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that actually renders California king blankets (not comforters or duvet covers, just blankets)? Thanks!

Jeremy on January 08, 2012:

Shela, yes a king and cal king blanket will work the same 99% the manufactures no make various ones so its all the exact same to them...

Nicole Nope sorry, 72"*84" vs 76"*80" also turnes side means you i do not know cet the inch #'s come match.... But pretty close. Enjoy

Shela ~ above December 13, 2011:

Cannot uncover a cotton blanket because that a California King mattress the is not overly priced. Will a King size one right okay??

Nicole top top October 18, 2011:

So relly u can make a king into a cal king simply by turning the matteress

Keith Woodard ~ above October 16, 2011:

Great. This is my very first time to visit your site. You've excellent an much information article. Ns agreed that organic baby crib mattress is really safety. Maybe next time i will acquisition an organicmattress soon. Thanks for the information.

Sleepys Mattress Co

ly ~ above October 12, 2011:

can you use a traditional king mattress ~ above a california king bed

ines on September 15, 2011:

thanks!! really helpful!!

Dan on august 27, 2011:

If girlfriend really desire the can be fried you deserve to look right into the grand King by sleep number. It steps 80X98 inches!!! It offered to be difficult to find bedding because that it even through sleep number however it appears that bedding is becoming more available. The clerk in the sleep number store told me the macys will soon be supplying bedding for this substantial bed.

PiaC indigenous Oakland, CA on august 26, 2011:

I had actually no idea the a regular King was wider than a Cal King! thanks for sorting the end my confusion.

jOnO on July 26, 2010:

Hmm...I have a california king, I believed that it was wider, however am finding the end that it is in reality longer, I have just been sleeping on that wrong. Oh well.. I prefer it

RamonB top top July 25, 2010:

Thanks for the info, i didn't realise the subtle difference in the sizes of the 2 mattresses. I'm in the UK and we sleep top top what we call a 'super-king' size bed i m sorry I point is the very same as an east King.

Unless girlfriend are very tall, The more comprehensive bed is constantly the far better option IMHO......

Best Mattresses size ? ~ above January 24, 2010:

I always wondered what the difference was in between those. Say thanks to you an excellent article. Love it!

Denise Larkin from uk on might 12, 2009:

Robin Edmondson (author) from mountain Francisco on might 11, 2009:

Thanks, James. I'm surprised you're not in one extra long twin. I know there space a couple of in the family. ;) Paul and I slept in a Queen because that years. That was quite snug. Xo R

jamestedmondson from mountain Francisco on might 11, 2009:

Glad to view you hubbing again Rob.I will certainly never get confused about king dimension beds again!

Right now, ns sleep on a full, and let me phone call you, for someone 6'6", it's far too small.

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Robin Edmondson (author) from mountain Francisco on may 11, 2009:

I think you're right, George. It's a lot easier to discover California King bedding on the West Coast. I actually prefer the Cal King because of the length, but I've heard from friends ~ above the East shore that they've never ever heard the a Cal King. Interesting. Many thanks for the comment!

gredmondson from mountain Francisco, California on might 11, 2009:

Robin, this is therefore good. It has actually been my endure that the California King (or western King) is much more available in (surprise!) California. Years ago, east King sheets were no even carried in the stores ns shopped in. Both size of sheets are widely obtainable now, and also since many world shop digital (accessible to the entirety country) both sizes are marketed.