Vehicles that space submerged space seen ~ above Bulter Are. Near Morris Rd. In Montgomery County, Pa. Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021. The remnants the hurricane Ida brought heavy rain and possible tornadoes come the area (Charles Fox/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)AP



A semi-truck driver is sending out a warning top top YouTube, urging people to take tornado warnings seriously, “even if you’re not in tornado alley.” His truck to be flipped through one, while he was in it — in Pennsylvania.

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According to a report by News 18, together with the warning, the semi’s driver, karl Beyer, shared a clip that his terrifying ordeal recorded on the truck’s dashcam ~ above Sept. 1.

Beyer was near the Philadelphia suburb the Maple Glen close to Upper Dublin once a tornado fight the area, spawned by Hurricane Ida as it relocated up the eastern Coast.

In the YouTube video, Beyer is listening to the weather radio, if trees deserve to be viewed swaying about and debris is paris outside, as a strong tornado pass by him. Amid almost zero visibility ~ above the outside, Beyer pauses in ~ a web traffic light yet decides to continue to be put also after he it s okay a eco-friendly light.

As the winds pick up speed, the 53-foot tractor-trailer is tossed to the side and can be heard crashing top top the road.

News 18 reported that fortunately, Beyer to be securely strapped in through his seatbelt and also exited the roll-over with only minor injuries. The male driving a van in former of him, upon see Beyer’s van flip, automatically turned his car around and also helped him.

A report by CDL life said the video clip clip was caught during a evidenced EF-2 tornado at the intersection that Limekiln and Norristown roadways in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania.

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