Anyone know if deer eat dog food. Ns threw part old food the end in the back yard 2 days earlier and this morning I had deer tracks all roughly the yard.My earlier yard runs into several open up acres through a creek.

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Fill my feederWell yes sir then, perhaps if i can find dog food cheaper 보다 corn or soybeans I"ll just fill up my feeders through dog food instead!LOL
when i was a child i had a bulldog that i fed right out of the bag in the garage. He would eat as soon as he wanted. Someday i approached the open up garage with my dog and found a fawn eating the end of the bag. By the means my dog practically yanked my eight off trying to acquire that deer. So the price is yes.

Well yes sir then, possibly if ns can find dog food cheaper 보다 corn or soybeans I"ll simply fill up mine feeders with dog food instead!LOL

don`t know around the deer and also dog food but we had actually a grey fox the we offered to feed cat food to and also she never left any.

If you deserve to keep the dog food completely dry you could be O.K. (slinger form feeder)I don"t think it would work very well in a trough or gravity feeder since the humidity and also rain would certainly be one issue.I would test a little amount before I filled my feeders.IMO.

You think coons like the other stuff.Just wait till you try using dog food! desire be nobody left because that the deer.
Would"nt the food itself be too large to pass v a typical corn feeder ? I mean the actual size of the food in those 50lb bads is quite big.
No ns get little breed dog food because that my Jack Russell and it"s about the dimension of corn, i will have actually to offer this a try.
Our Tame turkey and also chickens eat it.....I have to beat them ago they wanna fly in the dogs pens come eat it....then the dogs have actually chicken.

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I have actually been feeding dogfood to my deer because that the past 3 years. It started as one accident as soon as my wife called me and told me to choose up some dogfood for her brand-new puppy. On the way home ns glanced at the side of the bag and saw it included 21% Protein. Ns turned around and bought 2 much more bags and put it in one of my bang feeders in an empty pasture. A month later my cow routes were replaced with deer tracks. The deer advantage from the dogfood because of the higher caloric intake end corn as well as the antioxidents it contains to assist prevent disease. These 2 benefits assist the deer regenerate after Rut and make it v the harsh winter in WV. If girlfriend buy the puppy chow version the pieces room smaller and also work well from a plastic feeder. The steel ones condensate and the dogfood turns to mush which is difficult to remove. Ns have considerably improved my herd end the last 3 years and also prior come that had actually fed corn with my feeders for almost 10 years. Last autumn I take it an impressive main framework 10 allude with break-up G2"s and also G3"s top top his right and a 2" kicker ~ above his left base. The P&Y gross scored 183 1/2 and also weighed an outstanding 235 lbs field dressed. Prior to that my best was a quite 120 class 8 point I took through my muzzle loader. Ns went indigenous spending about $200 every 2 weeks for corn come $60 every 2 weeks on dogfood and had remarkable results. Coyotes, Bobcats, and also other preditors pay no mind because they space Predators and crave meat. The raccoons on the other hand will have to be delt with. Hope this helps.