This buffalo chicken emboldened is made through spicy buffalo sauce, shredded chicken, ranch dressing, and also various cheeses. It’s perfect for those who like a small heat!

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About Buffalo Chicken Dip

This basic buffalo chicken emboldened is always a group pleaser, and also especially if you and also your guests choose a little bit that a kick.

This dip gets its namesake because that the buffalo sauce, and for good reason – it has the kind of heat and also flavor that has actually mass appeal. It’s a vinegar-based sauce made through melted butter and also spices (like cayenne pepper), and when linked with savory chicken, cheese, and also ranch dressing, you’ve obtained a mix that’s difficult to prevent eating.

Plus, you don’t must be a warmth lover to enjoy this dip. When served with crisp eco-friendly veggies like celery or cucumbers, the warm is dialed down a tad, make it simpler for every guests to gain the flavor.


Can you do this emboldened in advance?

Yes, you can whip increase this emboldened in development and keep it in the refrigerator until it’s all set to be baked.

Once assembled, this dip can be save in the refrigerator for three to 5 days, depending upon the freshness of the chicken used. Once ready come bake, let the dip warmth up on the respond to for about 30 minutes, climate bake every the recipe instructions.

Once the dive is baked, it’s best to consume it all on the very same day and toss out any excess. However, if you perform want to save the leftovers, it have the right to be save in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 days.

Can you frozen buffalo chicken dip?

Yes, this dip deserve to be prepared and frozen come be baked at a later date. For finest results, the dip should be frozen before baking; I do not recommend freeze the baked dip.

To frozen this dip: Add dip to a bowl with a sealable lid. Certain lid and also store in the freezer because that one to three months. Before baking, let dip thaw in the frozen fridge overnight. When ready to serve, transfer to a baking dish and also follow the regular instructions because that baking the dip.

How long deserve to you leave out a party dip?

Whenever you offer a dive for her guests come enjoy, friend should constantly keep track of just how long it sits at room temperature.

For many foods, the general ascendancy of thumb is that a perishable item must not be in the “danger zone” for much more than 2 hours. And by “danger zone”, this is usually at or just above room temperature.

Since this dip will be served warm, the should give you an additional 30-60 minutes before needing to save track of the dip. So, in total, this dip can be left out for an pure maximum of three hours, depending upon the temperature that the room. However, be certain to still inspect the emboldened every now and then and use your best judgment.

Once you happen the recommended time, you can heat it up in the cooktop again or you can store that in the frozen fridge or freezer as directed above.

For best results, I’d recommend using a warming tray so that the buffalo ranch chicken emboldened stays warm and over the “danger zone” temperature.


What can you serve with a party dip?

When it pertains to party dips, there room so many options for dipping! This emboldened is best served with celery or various other crisp environment-friendly veggies, but you can likewise serve it through different species of crackers and snacks.

Try any (or many) the the choices below and also see i beg your pardon you like best:


Can you usage canned chicken?

The pure best part of whipping increase a hot and bubbly cheesy dive is the it’s quick and also easy. But, if you’re anything like me, it’s no every day that you have actually cooked chicken in her kitchen, and also especially on brief notice. Leftover rotisserie chicken is another great option because that this recipe, but again, us don’t have actually rotisserie chicken that frequently (and leftovers are scarce when we do).

So, once I was in a pinch, i experimented through using box chicken in this recipe. And also I can now say v absolute confidence the yes, you can use box chicken because that the shredded chicken in this buffalo chicken emboldened recipe. Just make certain to drain the chicken extensively (or, if you prefer, friend can even do a rapid water rinse of the chicken, then pat the dry) prior to shredding it and also mixing the in.

Can you make buffalo soup sauce?

Yes, you completely can!

Check the end this recipe because that buffalo soup sauce if you’re having trouble locating a bottle with the ideal label.

Notes & tips for this basic buffalo dive recipe

Other tasty savory dips

How to make buffalo chicken dip

This next component is just a photograph tutorial the the recipe steps. If you’re trying to find the complete recipe measurements and also instructions, scroll under to recipe Details.

Not just is this emboldened crowd-pleasingly delicious, it’s likewise easy to make.

Step 1 – In a big bowl, include cream cheese, ranch dressing, and also buffalo sauce.


Step 2 – row until largely combined.


Step 3 – add chicken, Colby Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, and season come taste v salt and pepper.


Step 4 – give it another stir until all ingredients room thoroughly combined.


Step 5 – to water dip into a baking dish of her choice, climate smooth the out.

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Step 6 – Bake!

Step 7 – offer dip together pictured top top this page, v veggies prefer fresh celery because that dipping.